Sunday, 10 September 2017


#CHRISTOPHERLEESATURDAY!' A requested post with TWO questions from Tony Price for today's #ChrstopherLeestaurday... ' Do you think Dennis Waterman was miscast in Lee's 'Scars of Dracula?' AND Did Patrick Troughton make a better odd-job man, KLOVE in Hammer's 'Scars of Dracula?' Tell us what you think!

#CHRISTOPHERLEESATURDAYS! A clip that is getting a huge response over at our Peter Cushing Appreciation Society Facebook Fan Page I'm a huge fan of the work of Peter Sellers and The Magic Christian, is certainly one of his strangest films, but what a bonus that it also features this fellow in a guest appearance . .chaotic, confusing, wacky... and yes, MAGIC!

ANOTHER ISSUE OF THE PROFESSOR IS ON ITS WAY! It will arrive between late September and early October and according to the team.. 'It will be wonderful!' So BRACE yourself!  #Lovetheprofessor #Comics #Theprofessor Lo state aspettando vero! Arriverà tra fine settembre e primi di ottobre e sarà stupendo! Siete pronti??? #LoveTheProfessor #comics #theprofessor

#CHRISTOPHERLEESATURDAYS! Majestic, cool and deadly . . .Christopher Lee as Count Dracula in #Hammerfilms Dracula AD 1972, owned every scene in which he appeared . . . Peter Cushing appeared as Vampire hunters, Lawrence and Lorrimer Van Helsing. It makes one wonder why it took 14 years to repeat the casting and chemistry of both Lee and Cushing in the roles that made such an impact with huge box office success in Hammer films, Dracula / Horror of Dracula back in 1958.

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