Saturday, 11 February 2017


CAST YOUR MIND BACK to late last year, and one of our most popular #PETERCUSHING competitions. It was the chance to win several sets of, TWO of Donald Fearney's documentaries on dvd, the classic LEGEND OF HAMMER VAMPIRES and his latest release, 'THE AMICUS VAULT OF HORRORS'.  NICK COLBOURNE was one of our lucky friends who bagged the double doc prize and he has just this week sent us a quick review of his thoughts on the Hammer Vamps documentary. . . . First up, apologies for taking so long to review the first of two DVDs I was lucky to win in your competition last year.

THE LEGEND OF HAMMER VAMPIRES: 'I was very fortunate to be a winner in one of your competitions last year. I am savoring the watching of the documentaries, and having watched 'The Legend of Hammer Vampires' thought I just had to share with you, how much i enjoyed it!  and It's a lovely watch, not just filled with wonderful memories, the velvet voice of Edward De Souza narrating and interviews with the likes of Jimmy Sangster, Tudor Gates, Dave Prowse, the eternally gorgeous Caroline Munro, Peter and others, but it has two extremely important attributes that make it essential viewing. Firstly it is refreshingly honest, it says what we we all know, that some of the movies were bad, they flopped and despite having a cast filled with our favourites, they still made a poor final product. Of course those movies still played their part in the Hammer story and they all still have a place in our collections....'

'SECONDLY, it's a treat to see such extensive mention of everyone who contributed, most notably Michael Ripper, treasured by any lover of Hammer, the DVD remembers him fondly. There's two brief extras, a further interview with Tudor Gates and a poor audio quality, but still fascinating one with John Gilling, which despite the quality, I'd rather have than not have! It's a lovely DVD, as I have said and one that belongs rightfully in anyone's Hammer collection. Thank you.'  Nick Colbourne 

THE LEGEND of Hammer Vampire is now off the sales listings, but you can watch the whole documentary here in three parts, with Donald's blessing! It's always appreciated to get any feedback on the posts here and at our facebook site, and a thank you for a prize. It rarely happens. So many thanks to Nick for this valuable feedback! Nick is also bracing himself for a screening of the other half of his prize, Donald Fearney's 'Amicus : The Vault of Horrors' documentary soon and will be sending us his thoughts thoughts on that one too!


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  1. I am pleased with Christopher lee's performances and Peter Cushings. i am not being spiteful or horrid but Christopher and Peter are the only 2 actors who made horrors films just right as they have passion and sincereity in there feelings and hearts, when they say any words from there scripts. I am not critise other actors its just i enjoy watching all Christopher and Peters films only. R I P Christopher and Peter.


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