Saturday, 4 February 2017


OK..NEWS EXCLUSIVE: What do YOU think? The LIMITED EDITION COLLECTABLE MODEL KIT FIGURE of the Peter Cushing influenced character that appears in the excellent #THEPROFESSOR now in the planning stages and Andrea Corbetta, the sculptor Roberto De Meo and the guy who had the idea, Davide Decina . .  have very kindly let us a quick sneak preview of what the figure could actually look like.... and from the first impressions, looking at their illustrations on our looks very impressive! We'll be keeping you posted with updates and any news, as we get it from the Professor team.

Along with the CGI Tarkin posts and Star Wars news, our last post on THE PROFESSOR, was one of the highest website hits in the past six months!! Looks like this is going to be very popular model kit... let us know what you think of the figure so far?? - Marcus

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