Thursday, 15 September 2016


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY : Hammer films were very good at recycling things... costumes, film sets, music...and promotional artwork. Above, there is a teaser for you!

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY AND #Happybirthday to GINA the VAMPIRE GIRL, actress Andre Melly from Hammer films, 'The Brides of Dracula'. Melly, sister of the late jazz musician George, who was born this day in 1932. As the 'pretty' Gina in 'BRIDES' she terrified audiences with her ability to transform into Baron Meinster's vampire victim, all under the watchful eye and direction of Terence Fisher. Three years later she worked with Fisher again in 'The Horror Of It All' as Natalia Marley.

HERE IS A #THROWBACK to August 1977, and the release of the last film Peter Cushing was to make for Amicus producer, Milton Subotsky, 'THE UNCANNY'. The film was launched in a blaze of indifference at the Montréal Film Festival. It was produced in Canada, with a budget of some 800,000 CA Dollars. It's an odd film, a strange mix from the ol Amicus cookbook, that makes a recipe for something that should have been a whole lot tastier! I am still at a loss why the film was also released under the title of 'Brrrr!'? 'Puuuurrr' YES! 'Brrrr!' no. 

'THE UNCANNY' has a great cast, with Cushing acting as the linkage again, with Ray Milland. He plays a nervous wreck called Wilbur Gray. Cushing was not the original choice for casting, but fits the role very well. Is it possible to have a strength in playing the weak???? Donald Pleasence is on board with Cushing again, and even manages to get a photo of himself, as Blofeldt complete with white cat from the James Bond film 'you only live twice' in on the act. Much of the film is delivered in a black comedy style, which maybe confused audiences at the time. But I think it's a great film, with lots of variety and a very entertaining cast.

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