Thursday, 11 August 2016


#‎throwbackthursday‬ . . TODAY, AUGUST 11th.... this year marks the 22nd year of Peter Cushing passing in 1994. I guess over the years while posting on this page and our website, our preoccupation, is the business of nostalgia, we are remembering not only Peter Cushing...but also his friends and associates. So, we mark many anniversaries of people sadly no longer with us....and we try and do that with a large measure of reflection, appreciation, while being very careful not to become maudlin.

AND THAT TOO, is probably the way Peter would want to be remembered today, without 'the black arms bands and wailing! We spend every day here, CELEBRATING his life and career... and even though it seems like yesterday that he died, it's a true mark of 22 years later, how much an impression Peter made on the minds and lives of people while he was here, that we STILL remember him... So today, we post and comment, and do as we do every day.. 'We Keep The Memory Alive'.

SO, HERE'S TO YOU Peter Cushing, gentleman and friend to all, professional to his finger tips, in life as in work.. WE REMEMBER YOU!

OVER AT OUR Peter Cushing Appreciation Society Facebook Fan Page we are asking our friends and followers to leave LIKES, post any images they would like share, comments, memories...whatever everyone would like to say or do. It's EVERYONE'S page. We do this, as always... TOGETHER!

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