Saturday, 20 August 2016


#‎onsetsaturday‬ :RARE AND EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes on Peter Cushing's second DALEK DR WHO feature film, Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD. Here at Shepperton studios the pyrotechnics are about to go off and take the deadly Daleks with them! NOTE bottom left corner, a film camera operator with camera, crouched to shoot the action..!

#onsetsaturday : Producer Milton Subotsky, actors Richard Todd and Sylvia Syms and director Roy Ward Baker, stop for a break... and maybe, discuss the best way of chopping up a body and storing it in the chest freezer! Brrrr Yikes!

#onsetsaturday : IT'S TOUGH being the title role, of a Hammer film... Christopher Lee wrapped from head to toe in latex and bandages as Kharis in Hammer films THE MUMMY... the suit did have eye fasteners at the back..but, boy that latex, glue, tissue paper and bandages sure pulled on your eye brows, come taking it ALL off at that end of the day!

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