Wednesday, 6 July 2016


WE'VE CLOCKED UP ANOTHER THOUSAND FRIENDS at our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE! Looking back at posts there from the last five to six weeks, I see, we've had over three thousand new friends and followers join us, in a very short period of time! Which has to be said, is a pretty neat achievement, WITHOUT any paid-for promotion, boosts and despite facebook's own unmanned and promoted community page, squashing our style and messing us around with their shenanigans. I truly do find it amazing that the popularity of Peter Cushing and his work is still as popular as ever...and to think he once closed his fan clubs back in the early 1980's...because he thought no one would be interested during his semi retirement!

SO,WHAT DOES THIS INCREASE MEAN TO YOU...? Well, with more of you commenting, daily looking in and making this fan page a truly interactive extension of our website, it certainly makes it easier for me to encourage distributors to support us and sponsor your competitions with great prizes, it opens the door in helping us get exposure for Peter work on radio internationally as we have seen in the last few weeks...and ultimately, it helps the keep the memory of the Peter Cushing and for the future! Please remember, sharing our posts here via G+,  and likes and shares at our facebook fan page REALLY DO make all the difference on facebook, on EVERY post. it's the interaction that spreads the word and helps make your Peter Cushing page a REAL to all you new followers, a WARM WELCOME and we all look forward to your posts and comments, don't be shy, there are no experts here, we are here with two purposes in mind, to have FUN and a great time, whilst celebrating that chap we all know and love! Thank you for your continued support and friendship , here's to TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND! Marcus
 #petercushing #hammerfilms #christopherlee

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