Tuesday, 15 March 2016


THIS YEAR 2016, marks the 50th anniversary of the making of ISLAND OF TERROR  starring Peter Cushing, Edward Judd, Eddie Byrne Niall MacGinnis and Sam Kidd. A great cast, but the true stars are the things that crawl, slurp and suck their merry way through the very entertaining 89 minutes. They are called SILICATES and are it must be said, they are one of the more original looking 'monsters' to ever come 'down the pike' in a 1960's UK Sci-Fi movie. Looking like a cross between a lump of porridge with a vacuum cleaner attachment, it's amusing at first, until you see WHAT these slip-sliding blobs can do!

The GIFS in this feature are not taken from the REMASTERED FOOTAGE SCREENBOUND dvd or
 blu ray release. 

ISLAND OF TERROR has quite a few releases over the years, but it has taken SCREENBOUND the people behind the excellent remastered releases of the Cushing classiscs, AMICUS FILMS DR TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS (1965) in it's beautiful steel book presentation, NIGHT OF THE BIG HEAT (1967) with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing final theatrically released film,  BIGGLES: ADVENTURES IN TIME (1986) ..remastered and restored in stunning HD by Deluxe Post Production and available in its original screen ratio of 1.85:1 for the first time!

In the past two years we've worked with SCREENBOUND to bring you some great competitions, and now we have a great offer for all PCAS followers and friends! For a LIMITED PERIOD ONLY with the help of a DISCOUNT CODE, you can ORDER YOUR DVD or BLU RAY copy of 'ISLAND OF TERROR' with a huge saving of 50% off! 

This offer is only valid until SUNDAY MARCH 20th 2016


ITS EASY to place your order and receive your 50% DISCOUNT! Simply CLICK HERE  which will take you to CLASSICFILMSDIRECT.COM and the ORDER PAGE. Make your choice, for either the DVD or BLU RAY of 'ISLAND OF TERROR' then CLICK,  ADD TO BASKET, and TYPE IN THE DISCOUNT CODE 'terror50' and make your chosen method of payment. SIMPLE AS THAT!

NOW.. Just wait for the postman! But, if anything else turns up on your doorstep, like BELOW??? RUN FOR IT!!

We'd like to thank the team at SCREENBOUND for making this great offer available to our followers and friends! 

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