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Candid Cushing: Principal photography started on The Vampire Lovers at Elstree Studios on 19th January 1970 The film also used locations in the grounds of Moor Park Mansion, Hertfordshire (This stood in for Styria, Central Europe). The Vampire Lovers was produced on a relatively low budget of £165,227 and was the final Hammer film to be financed with American money. Almost all of the later films were backed by distibutors Rank or EMI. Our onset photograph shows, Peter Cushing and Dawn Addams having a cuddle on the set of Hammer's The Vampire Lovers in 1970.

The principal photography for Hammer films, SHE started in southern Israel's Negev Desert on 24th August 1964, with scenes also shot at MGM's Elstree Studios in London, when Hammer's own home, Bray Studios proved to be too small for the project. SHE was the most expensive film Hammer had made up until this time, mid 1964.

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TRIVIA: Hammer were pleased with the look of Ursula Andress in the film – she was lit by Harry Waxman, costumed by Carl Toms, with her effects make up provided by master make up artist, Roy Ashton – they found her 'Swiss German' accent off-putting, so had her entire part re-dubbed by actress Monica Van Der Syl. Syl was careful to maintain a slight accent in her dubbing, so as not to throw the film's audience, who may have have been familiar with the way Andress spoke in her recent appearance in the James Bond film, Dr. No.

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