Thursday, 8 October 2015


Here's an exclusive for you! You remember Donald Fearney's EXCLUSIVE AMICUS BOOK we shared with you earlier this year, and the news that the book would be followed up with a documentary on Amicus from Donald also??? Well, the good news is, IT'S HERE! Or rather, it's at the LONDON FILM CONVENTION Westminster on Saturday November 14th 2015! This eagerly anticipated documentary goes on sale at the convention for the first time on this day and it's expected that business will be BRISK!

'Milton Subotsky's and Max Rosenberg's Amicus Vault of Horrors, promises to be the definitive works on Amicus. Over two hours in duration, covering every film that Amicus produced, packed with rare footage, photographs, interviews and limited to only 500 copies. One of the highlights is an interview with Milton Subotsky, never before seen, that PCAS shot in 1981. Among those interviewed are David Warner, Geoffrey Bayldon, Linda Hayden, Caroline Munro and many others. The narration is provided by Roy Hudd.

The price for the dvd purchased at the convention is £15.00. We will have FOUR copies up for grabs in a competition here on our page and website on November 14th too! You will also be able to purchase copies through PCAS in the near future during November. The dvd is region 0. This means it can be played on any dvd any country! Here's a first draft of the cover, which cleverly reproduces the cover style of the comic stories that provided the background for many of the Amicus very popular portmanteau films, like Tales from the Crypt, Dr Terrors House of Horrors and Vault of Horror. It's a rare pic of the two lads too, not often seen and quite shy of the camera. And there's lots more where that came from. All on the DVD!  

So, if you are planning to attend the London Film Convention on November 14th, do pop along and see Donald at his stand and grab yourself a copy, and say hello! He'll be pleased to see you!

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