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Some of you may remember last weekend I shared with you the lovely story and images of Charlie and Brad's amazing Peter Cushing Themed Wedding in Whitstable...and how we crowned them Uber Cushing Fans! Well, here's another friend and member of our Cushing Community... Alice Lopes from Brazil! Illustraited with her own photographs and in her own words, here is Alice's story. Again we ask the question, Uber Fan? You decide.

'My name's Alice Lopes, I'm nineteen years old and I'm from Brazil. I live in Sao Paulo, where I study Economics. I, like Vincent Price I believe that, "A man who limits his interests, limits his life" so, despite my area of study being so different, I do enjoy literature, films, arts, classical music and so on.'

'I first became acquainted with Peter Cushing in the film "Madhouse" when I was twelve years old. Since then I've been watching his films and interviews, and reading about his life and his career at the wonderful PCASUK facebook page. Madhouse is also my favourite Peter Cushing film, there is something that touches me profoundly. Maybe because it was the first film in which I saw Peter. Maybe due to the whole gothic and mysterious atmosphere, Vincent Price as a tormented character, I love the breathtaking photography, in scene of the murdered girl being carried off into the mists by an unknown man...'

'The Peter Cushing restaurant and Inn was very special. I loved the Peter Cushing items around. The photographs and his watercolours on the walls too. The photograph of Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes! 'A Scandal in Bohemia' is my favourite story. I love the way Watson describes Holmes' thoughts about love. But every single Sherlock story has something special. I also appreciate tv Sherlock series, specially those ones of Peter Cushing's BBC programmes, later Jeremy Brett's too. Basil Rathbone I like very much too.'

'To sit at Peter Cushing's table at the Tudor Tea Rooms, was a strange experience, in a public place, yet to me very personal and touching. Peter's photograph on plaque over the table, looking down. The staff were very friendly. I was able to sit and reflect, this was was my first time to travel abroad, and I definitely loved every single detail about Whitstable. The UK is quite different from Brazil, full of bookshops, museums, parks... And there's much to be explored.'

'Another very special moment. It was very peaceful sitting on the 'Lovers Bench' that was donated by Peter Cushing, on behalf of him and his wife, Helen. This little area is named after Peter Cushing too, 'Cushing's View' and well worth a visit'

'And so, we come to 'the magic place'. I had traveled almost 10,000km, to see it for myself. The home where once Peter and Helen Cushing had once lived. I was so surprised to see outside, it had not really changed, since they had lived there. All of the photographs I had seen. His studio, with the large sloping windows, to let in light when he did his painting. The little white gate, I had seen him stand here in photographs. Now, I was here. And very happy to be. The local people there told me, lots of people come here to visit, to see. And I can see and feel why. It is very peaceful. He physically is not here,... but would you think me crazy if if I said, his smile is! No. 9,000 km is not too far. And will come again. Peter Cushing plus Whitstable equals, Magic !' 

Alice Lopes Chats To Geoff Laurens
Antique Shop Owner in Whitstable

 St Alphege Church, Whitstable Exterior and Interior, A copy of Peter Cushing's book, 'The Bois Saga' at the local library and Whitstable train station. 

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