Monday, 20 October 2014


REMEMBERING: ANTON DIFFRING. Born today in 1918, Anton Diffring came from a family that boasted generations of actors. Cool and noble with a German accent, he was first in line when the casting call went out for German officers with a nasty streak. He quickly slipped into the role of Baron Frankenstein for the pilot episode of Hammer films and Colombia Pictures, 'Tales of Frankenstein' in 1958 and even quicker filled the role of Dr. Georges Bonnet in Hammer's 'The Man Who Could Cheat Death' in 1959, when the studio found themselves without Peter Cushing for the role.

Diffring is probably best remembered for his roles in 'The Blue Max' in 1966, 'Where Eagles Dare' in 1968 and Fran├žois Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451 (1966) He was also cast in several film alongside Peter Cushing, 'Shatter' for Hammer in 1974, 'The Beast Must Die' for Amicus also 74 and Tyburn's 'The Masks of Death' with Peter Cushing as an elderly Sherlock Holmes in 1984. Anton Diffring died in 1989 aged 70.

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