Sunday, 21 September 2014


Amicus : The Vault Of Horror by Donald Fearney:
I love pictorial hardbacks...and this one is exceptional. Here we have a special exclusive peep of a book that is so limited... the run is in SINGLE figures! Rare photographs, full page colour pics, art designs by  Amicus set designers, all lovingly printed in hi res on double heavy quality paper... each of the Amicus fantasy genre productions is represented by it's promotional cinema poster and a raft of full colour and black and white key book stills and contact print rarities. If you are an Amicus fan, and have been waiting for the book that does their films justice...wait no longer, you'll be extremely happy with this impressive 102 paged hardback treasure!

The book is NOT FOR SALE, it can only be WON! The book is part of the promotion rumble behind a very exciting documentary on Amicus films, that Donald Fearney is currently working on, and will be on sale for a limited time early next year. There will only be 300 dvd's produced of the documentary, 'Amicus: The Vault Of Horror'.

Along with the dvd there is also a very nice line in extras and gifts, that are included in 'some' of the dvd's packaging. Think, Golden Ticket and Wonka Bar..and you'll get the idea. Free with ALL 300 dvd's is a packet of suspect looking seeds..these were part of a promotional campaign for Amicus films 'Torture Garden' back in 1967. In SEVENTY EIGHT dvd cases the is one original Waddington's tarot card, just like the cards in the  pack used by Peter Cushing in Amicus films, 'Dr Terror's House of Horrors', each autographed by several actors and technicians who worked for Amicus. Just TWO dvd cases contain a 'GOLDEN TICKET' which entitles the winner to one copy of the book, 'Amicus: The Vault Of Horror'. And finally...   Just ONE dvd also contains another ticket that entitles the winner to the prize of a genuine bankers cheque, signed by Peter Cushing, from his business bank account account, Peter Cushing LTD.  We'll keep you posted of release dates and promotional video ads. - Marcus Brooks


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