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ALSO NOT LINDA HAYDEN: #throwbackthursday You may have caught the little bit of detective work on finding the name behind the of the actress who featured prominently in the 'Daily Mirror Dracula AD 1972' shots we posted on Tuesday..and her recentely being mistaken for Linda Hayden. I knew that wasn't the end of it, because there was another face that some, also thought was Linda Hayden too. So she too had to be identified.... And ironically, she also appeared briefly in #draculaad1972.

I must admit she wasn't that hard to find, but the work came in closely (!) examining those shots. So, I can reveal the 'other' in the Daily Mirror shots was.... the model popularly known then, and today as Flanagan. Maureen Flanagan was born in 1941, in Islington, London. She started work in a hairdressers at 15, and was spotted by a photographer when 18 at a 'hairdressers convention' where she'd been asked to model. The photographer showed the pics to an agent, who suggested she model on the catwalk. Maureen became a very much in demand model for all the top fashion houses & stores in the UK. In her 20's, she was known as the most photographed model in Britain and her legs were insured for £25,000.

Her connection also with the tabloid newspapers, kept her in the public eye...she was a known face., that was why Hammer films featured her in the film...and later in the publicity Daily Mirror pics. So the pics: 1) In this, Dracula AD 1972 lobby card image, Flanagan lets rip with her funky seventies strut on top of the party piano next to, Johnny Alucard himself, Christopher Neame. 2) Our originally posted contact pics from the Daily Mirror Newspaper session with Christopher Lee and Glenda Allen. 3) A close up of Flanagan..taken from the Daily Mirror shots.

Flanagan went to become good friends with footballer, George Best, Malcolm Allison, 'Carry On' actress, Barbara Windsor and went onto work with Tony Curtis, Roger Moore, Charlton Heston and featured in shows such as, The Benny Hill, Monty Python's Flying Circus, The Dave Allen Show, The Likely Lads and Only Fools & Horses...

She is currently an acknowledged expert on the lives of the Kray Twins and their family, having been a close friend to the Twins and their brother, George..and mother Violet's, hairdresser...!


 The Final Piece of the Puzzle:
Dracula AD 1972 Daily Mirror Photo Session 

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