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For those who have been following the 'Linda-Hayden-Mistakenly-Autographs-A-Photograph-That-isn't-Her-At- A-Signing-Session!' saga... and that then unfolding into 'So-If-Isn't-Linda Hayden-Who-Is-it?' question...I think we may have the answer..

She is an actress-model who appeared uncredited in #hammerfilms Dracula AD 1972, has been for many years mistakenly credited in magazines and certain blogs as 'Flanagan'. She is in fact, actress-model GLENDA ALLEN. And it is her who appears in the recently emerged photograph that is causing the faff... 

Born in Norfolk in 1951, Glenda launched herself into a career of dancing, modelling and acting soon after leaving school. Regular appearances in the red top newspapers...modeling, soon brought her to the attention of tv and film casting agencies...her face and other 'bits and bobs' soon became very well known. So well known enough for Hammer to cast her in the party scene in Dracula AD 1972...and in an after production promotion/publicity shoot. This publicity shoot, was commissioned for inclusion in a 'Daily Mirror' newspaper Halloween feature..the shoot would also included the star of Dracula AD 1972....Christopher Lee....Peter Cushing was probably 'unavailable'. Lee wasn't happy....but that's another story. The pics taken on the day, had to meet the remit of said newspaper, that is, the models had to be semi naked.. Allen no stranger to the art of revealing ones 'bowlers'... so was an obvious choice, she of course appears as 'dancing girl standing on the piano' in the film!

So, the pics: 1) Her hippy party girl shot with Christopher Lee for the Daily Mirror newspaper shoot. 2) Glenda as dancing girl on right in Dracula AD 1972. 3) One of the Daily Mirror photographs, mistakenly signed by Linda Hayden. 4) Glenda featured in one of photo shoot contact prints... part of the Christopher Lee Daily Mirror session. 5) A well known publicity shot of Glenda on set on Dracula AD 1972. This shot is usually credited to 'Flanagan'. 6) Glenda as she appeared in 13 episodes of 'Space 1999', sometimes also playing the role of an unnamed nurse.

In the contact prints I have previously posted, you can see she is prominently placed in the foreground of nearly all the shots, because of her Dracula AD connection...along with someone else. Because, as Yoda once famously said..'There IS another' Who that is, I'll reveal shortly..... 

Dracula AD Promo Shoot:
Who's That Girl?

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