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Along with 'The Curse of Frankenstein' in 1957, Hammer films 'DRACULA' made Peter Cushing and Christopher international stars. There have been many miles of print dedicated to this the first and maybe the best of Christopher Lee's performances of the Count. Here playing Dracula with a very powerful, almost feral energy, a terrifying portrayal of the undead monster. 'Dracula' also introduced Peter Cushing as Van Helsing, for the first time. Not as the dotty old Dutch professor of Stoker's book, but a 'Vampire Hunter'. Cushing brings a great deal of charm, grace, and incredible engery the role.

Here is the first of a series of 'So You Think You Know..' competitions, we'll be posting over the next few weeks. Peter Cushing's performnaces as Dr Who, Sherlock Holmes, Moff Tarkin and Baron Frankenstein, will all get the treatment!

The prizes featured in this competition will be awarded to TWO lucky winners. ALL question MUST be answered correctly.

THE PRIZES: ALL correct entries will be placed in a hat, ten minutes after the closing time. TWO Lucky winners, drawn out of the hat, will each win: 

ONE printed and bound COPY of the script of Hammer films 'DRACULA'. The script's index page is signed by Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee. Michael Gough has signed the page which contains his line 'It's Horrible'!. As this is a privately printed and bound copy, the signatures are the printed copies from the original privately printed book.

ONE Blu Ray / DVD combo release from 2013 of Hammer films 'DRACULA' .

ONE Vintage copy of Fandom's Film Gallery 'DRACULA' edition book from 1975.

Please send us your competition entries to the following email only:

So, let's test YOUR  knowledge... Good Luck!


1: At the begining of Hammer films 1958 'DRACULA' the coach bringing Jonathan Harker to Castle Dracula, also contains other passengers, one of whom is a PREIST. NAME the actor who played the PRIEST.

2: When playing Count Dracula in Hammer films 1958 'DRACULA' Christopher Lee wears a ring. How many other Hammer DRACULA  films, did Lee wear this particular ring?

3: Apart from Jonathan Harker, how many people does Count Dracula actually speak to in Hammer films 1958 'DRACULA'?

4: According to Christopher Lee's autobiography, 'Lord of Misrule', how much was Christopher Lee actually paid for his role in 'DRACULA' 1958?

5: For it's U.S release, Hammer films 'DRACULA' was given a title change. What was the title and why was the title changed?

6: Hammer films 'DRACULA' commenced it's principal photography on what date?

7: At which UK London cinema did 'DRACULA' (1958) premier and on what date?

8: In the climax scene of 'DRACULA' (1958), Van Helsing takes a leap from a table top, to pull down the curtains, and destroy Dracula. A stuntman was used for the actual leap and run. TRUE OR FALSE?

9: Peter Cushing signed his contract to play Van Helsing in DRACULA (1958) on 9th October 1957. How much was Peter Cushing contractually paid to play Van Helsing?

10: Peter Cushing used his own personal fur collared coat when he played Van Helsing in  Hammer films 1958 'DRACULA'. TRUE or FALSE?

11: The crossing of the two candle sticks by Van Helsing, when killing Dracula was Peter Cushing's own suggestion. Cushing admits this idea was suggested by a film he had seen many years before. What is the title of that film?


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