Monday, 30 June 2014


#MonsterMonday : Peter Cushing as Baron Frankenstein, with Christopher Lee as the Creation ...#thecurseoffrankenstein #hammerfilms 1957 Directed by Terence Fisher. A film with a great story, sets, music, cast and some pretty good dialogue too!

#MonsterMonday : Not all of Peter Cushing's Frankenstein's 'monster's' looked like the last thing you would want to meet down a dark alleyway. This one, was quite the opposite. A relatively unknown actresses when she came to the role of Christina Kleeve's in Hammer films 'Frankenstein Created Woman' in 1967, Denberg's eventual beauty is the perfect mask that hides a heart bent on revenge and murder, giving us a the monster, that given the chance based on appearances, we would be quite happily take out to dinner...and a trip to the cinema!


Look Out for our 'So You Think You Know : Peter Cushing?' Competition THIS WEEKEND 5th / 6th July 2014! There are THREE COPIES of  Peveril Publishing's THE PETER CUSHING SCRAPBOOK up for grabs!

The Peter Cushing Scrapbook:
Leading fantasy film historians Wayne Kinsey (Hammer Films – the Bray Studios Years, The Elstree Studios Years, A Life in Pictures, the Unsung Heroes and On Location) and Tom Johnson (Hammer Films – an Exhaustive Filmography, Peter Cushing – the Gentle Man of Horror and his 91 Films and The Films of Oliver Reed) come together with Joyce Broughton (Cushing’s secretary and aide for over 35 years) to present the definitive pictorial history to Peter Cushing. A perfectionist in his work and a talented artist in every sense of the word with a great sense of humour and always a boy at heart. The Peter Cushing Scrapbook is a unique pictorial book packed with Cushing memorabilia that showcases his private and professional life:
Watercolor paintings,sketches, bird drawings, Tudor Tea Room Profiles, costume designs, humorous cartoons drwn for his wife, Helen. Painted scarf and jewelry designs, model theatre sets, letters, annotated pages. Notations for photographs written by Peter Cushing, candid photographs. Material from the estate of director, Roy Ward Baker. Film props. An alternative script for Hammer films 'Captain Clegg' and rare material from two unfilmed Hammer film projects to have starred Peter Cushing: Kali - Devil Bride of Dracula and The Savage Jackboot and rare cinema posters...  

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