Tuesday, 5 June 2012


BBC DR WHO: 'DEATH TO THE DALEKS' DVD RELEASE: 18TH JUNE 2012. If you are a fan of the BBCTV DR WHO television series, of Jon Pertwee as the Doctor..and of Peter Cushing as Dr Who in the two film outings, this release is going to make you very happy chappy indeed. You may recall we ran a piece on this release last month, but now we can reveal what that the 'Cushing-Dr Who' extra on the disc is all about! 

It's a featurette called 'On the Set of Dr. Who And The Daleks' – Film and TV Historian Marcus Hearn interviews Jason Flemyng (son of Gordon), First Assistant Director Anthony Waye and Dalek Operator Bryan Hands about the first Dalek film. They all recall fond memories of working on the first Dr Who movie. The chats are supported by some mute black and white behind the scenes footage, one scene includes a some shots of Peter Cushing and Roy Castle dancing on set! Sounds a hoot! The disc retails in the UK for £22.42 but you can save by ordering direct from Amazon, where the DVD is available to pre-order right now for just £13.00!

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