Friday, 16 March 2018


YOUR Peter Cushing Appreciation Society LEAVES Face, after eight years . . .

AND SO the PCAS Facebook Fan Page, within hours, will be no more . .  seven years of daily posts, competitions rare, rare photographs, free box sets, autographs of Peter Cushing as prizes, and much more that helped it gain almost 35 thousand followers and members. All this was challenged and made almost impossible to maintain and deliver the last year and half. Posting never stopped or competitions, but but Facebook made adjustments that squashed the posts and a demand on the PCAS Facebook Fan Page, to pay if you want to be seen. First Facebook asked for 20 Pounds, then more. When they didn't pay anything or bend to the pressure, the posts were reaching WAY OVER the amount Facebook said their payment would help them reach. Why would anyone pay for access to make a  reach of 200 people, when posting WITHOUT paying, hit almost a THOUSAND!?? 

EVEN THIS WEEK, Facebook tried asking for UNDER ten UK Pounds, for boosting. This BOOST would let people who have JOINED your page, see the post...that they have JOINED to SEE anyway! Seven Pounds / Six and Half USA Dollars, might not seem much...but at THREE posts a day, seven days a week?? When it all originally COST NOTHING?...and no ine is making money apart from Facebook. PCAS or competitions, rare photographs and content are, always has been..FREE! 

EVERYTHING CAME to crunch when Facebook insisted on payment by reducing the reach, where only at times 10 or twenty people saw the posts. The final straw was when one Hammer Fan Page DID pay, and out stripped all other Hammer sites on facebook...including Hammer Films own site and PCAS. 

Brandon Curtis This is easily the best page I have ever joined on Facebook. Count me in on that website daily. 

Bruce Coates I will take to the website but will genuinely miss this page. Another reason to ditch Facebook altogether. I totally agree with your comments regarding boosting of posts etc. Your content and quality far outshine this medium anyway. All the best to you

Charlotte O'Farrell Sorry to hear this but thank you for all the years of Peter Cushing related content - it’s been enjoyable and I’ve learned a lot about his career and life that I didn’t know. I’ll definitely be visiting the website regularly! All the best.

Jonas Magnusson What!?! No? I LOVE this page! There's nothing like it! Your work is astonishing!

Marcia Loisel Thank you so much, Marcus. This has been a wonderful place to go to on fb. xx  

Douglas Prosch Thank you many times over, Marcus, for keeping this page fun, informative, respectful, and with every ounce of dignified bearing that one perceives in Mr Cushing himself. It was a real oasis for me. I have already started checking out your PC blog, and will continue to visit it. But thanks for this here, while it lasted. You rock, sir.!

Ann Schde You're right, of course..about FB being underhanded and sneaky with hiding things...they're struggling to keep people on FB. Once they started to use/monitor what was being watched, used, said ...people started to flee to other media sites. They wanted control...and more money. Always greed. I'm sad that this page is closing..but I'll be visiting the site/blog you run daily. I've loved going down memory lane with you here...I believe Peter Cushing was my very first crush...even before I saw the Hammer films..I was enamoured with PC from "Captain Clegg". oh my goodness.

Paul Evans A tremendous shame. This has always been one of the very best pages on Facebook and will be dearly missed. The website will, of course, go straight into my favourites. Many thanks for all the fascinating information and fabulous images over the years - very much appreciated.

Richard Holden so sad one of the few face book pages that didnt post endless tripe and was always interesting , I will follow your blog keep up the good work .

Mateja Djedovic I'm really sad to see the page go. It has, for a long while now, been a continuing source of fun facts, great photos, and quality conversations. One of the few true oases in the endless sludge of useless information that's Facebook. It's been brightening up my social media existence for a long while and its absence will be a hole that'll be hard to fill. I will surely continue to visit the site as well, but there was something wonderful about logging onto Facebook and being surprised by an unexpected gem of Peter Cushing trivia on my homepage, like a wee unsolicited gift, a little bit of kindness. All my love, gratitude, and regrets that it had to end like this...

Eldon Glen Very sad that such an entertaining page for classic horror has to end because of facebook greed. I too enjoyed the random posts that popped up on my feed from time to time, it was what made it all the more special. All the best with the website, I am bookmarking it now,Marcus.

Al Spangle Sorry to read this Marcus. I never understood all this fb stuff and haven't been a member of any other group for years now. This is the last. Speak soon. Al.

DESPITE THEIR POSTS containing rare photographs, competitions, prizes and links to excellent features, the only group that was bending to Facebook's deal.. was now getting ENORMOUS responses from everyone who could see, what actually were very mundane content, screen captures instead of rare pics and not a competition or feature in site. Just text containing old and repeated cast details and release date!! The posts not only got huge likes, for very average seen many many times photographs, but shares of over 600 from the page per post!! This more than hints at, these are posts with money paid to Facebook to enhance the post, and not just because, when ever ANY page posted these SAME images, they never got anything like any interest or anyone sharing them. All reaching huge numbers of any facebook people accounts, but sadly setting the standard anyone else who worked in the same area, would now have to do OR leave.

Fran Gannon Such a pity, you did a fantastic job Marcus and I'm sure like all on here we are truly grateful for bringing us all your wonderful posts, Hammer Horror at its best.Will be checking out the Web page for sure, thanks a million and all the best for the future.

Roni Romero Sorry to hear this Marcus :-( thanks for all your posts. Will miss it but have already added the website to my favourites so will continue to look on there!

Michael Macaulay Sincere thanks for everything uv done, this has been an amazing page and you built an amazing community!

Hywel David Evans What an absolute bloody shame.Thank you for all the wonderful stuff you've given us over the years.See you on the website! 

Alyson Andrew This is so sad, I'm very sorry your hard work has been overturned in such a way. It seems like every day there's another good reason not to log on to Facebook any more, so I'll continue to enjoy your work through Instagram and your website instead. It's always a joy to see one of your wonderful pictures of Mr Cushing pop up (that dear man just can't help but put a smile on your face can he?) so keep up the good work, and wishing you the very best for the future.

Douglas Prosch Oh, no :( With all the useless garbage inundating the horror groups in Facebook, was a jewel for me. So many wonderful, rare photos, anecdotes, and appreciation for an amazing man, his beloved wife, his hobbies, his opinions, and his peers. I will miss this page alot. Thank you for all the wonderful images and words. They brightened many a day. I will certainly follow your blog.

Glyn Horsfall Very sad to see you go Marcus, but fully understand your reasoning. We have had good conversations in the past, mostly about those pesky PC films stuck in limbo! I will of course check out the website as I do anyway. All the best.

Jim Player This was one of the fewnbright spots left on the internet with entertaining and useful information. What a pity that it was forced to succumb to "number of clicks".

Tim Burrows What a mucking fess. It's a sheer pleasure having your output drip feed into my day, so thanks very much for your efforts. I'll be sure to dip into your blog 

IN THE LAST WEEK, this particular page, has also managed to get over 21 thousand people to join it! A good figure, but why would a longer established facebook page of over 33 thousand, belonging to a society that has been respected and supported since 1956, get a sudden tiny fraction of the response, they once worked hard to maintain, until a short time ago...? If any group wants to except Facebook's deal and pay for their posts to reach thousands of others, it is their right. If they want to enjoy for a couple of bucks, the same reputation very quickly, the same response that someone like PCAS has worked hard to maintain for years, from fans that enjoyed free photographs, prizes and features. ..  so be it. BUT, before they start to think this is for keeps and the word and arrangement with Facebook will always work and be the same. REMEMBER, it's Facebook that, stated posting on Facebook would ALWAYS BE FREE. Their words, when they were found to be setting plans to start charging for the Facebook, that the public had let into their homes, families, personal family galleries... holidays, weddings and day to day lives. Such was the kick back, Facebook reversed their plan, and ever since has been trying to ram adverts, promotions and sellers down your neck every day, and heaven help anyone who is having fun, with a hobbie.  Cushing would have pulled the plug years ago. And we are doing it right now. . . .

Paul Bunyan So sad that this is happening. It really has been a treasure trove of wonderful things for fans. Thank you so much for the work you’ve done. So sorry.

Eve Altman My newsfeed with still be cluttered with rubbish about which FB does nothing and this page has to go?!!

Karen Stevens Sorry to see this go, but PCAS now has the first spot on my 'favourites' bar and I shall be dropping in regularly. I hope the thieves that stole from you crash and burn!

Philip Jones A great shame Marcus, it was always a great pleasure to see new postings. I'm very glad the website is continuing so please do keep on keeping on. 

Debbie Snell Very sad indeed. Will miss this fine site on my feed. I remember how thrilled I was when you joined Facebook. Will make sure to check the website from now on. So sorry.

Jason Arbuckle Am really sorry that you are stopping. I am one of the silent thousands who love the page.

Tom Ehlers Very sad to see this, I grew up watching Peter Cushing and his contemporaries. I always enjoyed your content in my feed, always gave me that “gotta watch that again soon” when I saw the movie. I’ll follow you to the blog and stay with it there. Thank you the time on FB.

Philip Bryan be Proud you have kept the memory of a wonderful man and brilliant actor alive and introduced him to a whole new audience. my sincere thanks to you Marcus and for the commitment you have shown to Peter and to us all

Demelza Downes Really sad to read this today. The page has been an absolute joy. Many thanks for all your hard work over the years Marcus. I will definitely be trying to keep up with the website too. Good luck for the future! Xxx

Graham Alexander Holden Thank you for all of your efforts Marcus and the brilliant, informative posts you do for us, the fans of Peter Cushing. This is a real shame and sadly not the first time Facebook has let it's users down. Will continue to pop by the website  

Paul Chadwick Thanks Marcus for everything you do, it's really appreciated and I will definitely be on the website every day, cheers

Many Many thanks to all the thousands of followers, friends, contributors, competition sponsors who gave us prizes for free. It WILL STILL all happen, and to the world at large, from here, at this website. No rules, many more photographs and much content to each feature post, as you have seen here, over the years. You can only do so much, on a FACEBOOK post. Here? It's YOURS!

Joe Fex The new site looks FANTASTIC!

Corinna Freiburg Sad to see you leave. Met so many nice and decent people here during the last few years. But I understand your reasons. FB has become a pessimistic mess, same as the whole www is slowly becoming. Maybe it will change again some day and become the fun place it used to be. C U Markus. Keep spreading the word and thank you for the great stuff you did so far and you're going to do. Website is not disappointing!

Rob Hayton Thanks Marcus.....Facebook’s loss....see you at the blog

Wednesday, 14 March 2018



WEDNESDAY'S would have returned to FREE GIF day over at our CLOSING FACEBOOK PAGE this week, instead of us giving away rare contact sheets and colour Cushing, Lee and Price photographs for you collectors out there. THOSE great gifts will resume here at the website soon. Lots to give you, I think you will like! In the meantime GIFS. They are back on Wednesday's! I always love posting images of Vincent and Christopher here. Good friends of Peter's and always fun to share here. Especially, in THIS film. Not everyone liked it. Personally, I LOVE it. Vincent, despite not being happy with the finished production . . .still performed so well and Lee, come the end, was truly terrifying!!! You KNOW this one... and  what did you think of it...and were they right to be cast together in this special one? This GIF was requested by Dylan T! Hope you like it Dylan, it IS just as you asked for!

JON PERTWEE ONLY APPEARED I think, in just ONE Amicus film. His role in 'THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD', has always been popular. Assisted by Ingrid Pitt playing Carla Lind, playing his, Paul Henderson's girlfriend in Segment 4 'THE CLOAK' Pertwee was great. Probably the ONLY actor to have delivered a line about Christopher Lee playing the role of DRACULA, in a mocking way...and got away with it! CUSHING's role as Philip Grayson in his story with Joss Ackland, 'WAXWORKS' I always find a little trying to enjoy. Cushing was at this time, nursing he very ill wife, Helen. 

HE TRIED to leave the commitment of the film, so he could be with her. Stubbornly, the producers said no. Cushing life Shepperton studios, every night, to travel to Whitstable, to be with his wife, to leave early the following early hours, for the next days shoot. This great GIF was requested by Paula Dean.  

IT'S COMMON KNOWLEDGE whatever role Milton Subotsky suggested to Peter Cushing in any of his AMICUS FILMS, with the exception of  a few starring roles, the script was always open, if there was a role Peter preferred to play. In TALES FROM THE CRYPT, Grimsdyke was NOT the role he was originally offered. Cushing was originally intended to play Ralph Jason, but after looking at the script he suggested to Subotsky that he would do more justice to the role of Mr. Grimsdyke. Subotsky never considered offering Grismdyke to Cushing, because of the connections with Cushing's own wife, Helen having passed, just months before. 

THE ROLE OF THIS chap though, so Milton told me, was something Peter very much liked. On receiving the script, Peter told Milton he could supply most of the costume, and would be very happy to play it. It's one of Cushing's most amusing and yet a little dark too. The perfect combination for Cushing. Something that would make us, uneasy about a man who himself was the kindest and so much loved. Terri Beale this is YOUR requested GIF! 

MARSHA A HUNT, is known to have had a good time when making Hammer films 'DRACULA AD 1972' and when the camera was off, she liked to have fun, and didn't take Christopher Lee's playing of the Count off camera and his authority, that seriously or respectfully at all. BUT when it came to shoot her scenes with his DRACULA, there was no shortage of, what appeared to be TRUE concern. HA!  This GIF is requested by Dawn Hughes . .

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018



REMEMBER! IF YOU LIKE what you see here at our website, you'll  love our daily themed posts at our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE.  Just click that blue LINK and click LIKE when you get there, and help us . . Keep The Memory Alive!. The Peter Cushing Appreciation Society website, facebook fan page and youtube channel are managed, edited and written by Marcus Brooks, PCAS coordinator since 1979. PCAS is based in the UK and USA


TODAY WE REMEMBER and mark the BIRTHDAY of the, really quite amazing actor, George Pastell! George was a Cypriot character actor in many many British films and television programs. But his real name was in fact, Nino Pastellides. Although Greek, he was often cast by Hammer Film Productions as Eastern characters such as Mehemet Bey in The Mummy (1959) with Peter Cushing AND Christopher Lee; also the High Priest of Kali in The Stranglers of Bombay (1960); and Hashmi Bey in The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (1964). He also appeared with Michael Gough in Konga in 1961. George made his film debut in Give Us This Day (1949), under his real name of Nino Pastellides, and went onto carve out a career as villains in film and television.

GEORGE'S exotic looks often saw him cast in spy movies of the 1960's such as From Russia with Love (1963); Licensed to Kill (1965); A Man Could Get Killed (1966); That Riviera Touch (1966); and Deadlier Than the Male (1967). He did very much LOOK the roles! As well as these film roles, he could also be seen as 'the villain' in numerous LEW GRADE television series of the sixties including Danger Man; The Avengers; the BBC Doctor Who; The Champions; The Saint; and Department S.

PASTELLLIDES was also most prolific, however, in his voice-over work. He worked replacing hundreds of other actors' voices, some very of them, very famous actors. Many films such as El Cid (1961) as "FaƱez"; 'You Only Live Twice' (1967) he voiced over, Tiger Tanaka; and in 'Doctor Zhivago' (1965) he voiced the character of Rita Tushingham's boyfriend, which earned him the sobriquet the 'Paul Frees' of Britain.

GEORGE sadly passed on April 4th 1976, in Dade County, Florida, USA. It's pretty amazing how many roles, Pastell played through the years. But for many, his Hammer film roles, and the role of Mehemet Bey in The Mummy, is one of the most favorite. Happy Birthday, GEORGE. You are remembered and respected, very well! 


CINEFICION is a magazine I have mentioned here before. The above GIF is permanently, featured in the side column of this website too. I came across this magazine and the extra publications, that have been edited by superb DARIO LAVIA, about a year and half ago. I have been impressed by them all. Since I started managing PCAS here and on FACEBOOK, we have been approached by many fanzines, magazines and comics for either rare photographs or contributions to those asking. I have sadly, turned them all down. The reason? Most fanzines today, are purely REPEATING what other zines have done, MANY TIMES before them. The prices of zines are not cheap today, and many have closed and slipped away. CINEFICCION gets my interest because LAVIA comes at it, with a passion! PLUS he likes VISUALS. He makes the room for many. Many of them are in colour too! 

THAT THE PUBLICATIONS are printed and written in SPANISH doesn't put me off at all, even though I don't speak Spanish. For me, visually the publications, click ALL my boxes! I get fed up, with fanzines and books, REPRINTING old photos and images they have also posted before. Many of these editors DO OWN rare images, but choose that only a few or or NONE are printed and shared with their buyers. NOT DARIO! That clicks my box. So much so, that last year I announced that our ENTIRE rare audio and video PCAS archive will be GIVEN to DARIO and his publications . . . for free! Masses of interviews from STAR actors,  sadly no longer with us, actresses and directors will be given to Dario and the CINEFICCION publications, for their exclusive use. There will be many images and photographs too. I hope that this will help the content . .THIS WEEK I will be GIVING AWAY several FREE issues, so you can win em and see em, yourself! Keep a LOOK OUT!

IF YOU HAVE NEVER purchased any of the publications, here is a link to the CINEFICCION website. If you TOO don't speak Spanish... if visuals are your thing too, THIS will make you happy! Support these publications and purchase YOUR copies too! HERE is the CINEFICCION website: HERE!  

REMEMBER! IF YOU LIKE what you see here at our website, you'll  love our daily themed posts at our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE.  Just click that blue LINK and click LIKE when you get there, and help us . . Keep The Memory Alive!. The Peter Cushing Appreciation Society website, facebook fan page and youtube channel are managed, edited and written by Marcus Brooks, PCAS coordinator since 1979. PCAS is based in the UK and USA
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