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#WOW! and #THANKYOU! This post, is not a boast... nor a brag. It is a heartfelt reach out to you! I find it amazing in these worrying and very troubled times, where everyone has more than enough on their plate to deal with, you our friends and followers, still have time to slip away escape, and distract yourselves with memories and images, of a different time. It is also a clear sign that the work and films of #PeterCushing, are still as popular as ever, easily accessible now and enjoyed the world over. I think the humble and modest, Cushing would have been very surprised by that! Here, interesting stories about his life off screen, still create interest and a steady flow of questions and enquiries to the page. PCAS is indeed a very friendly and entertaining 'safe house', so you tell me and goodness knows, on the internet now, we need one.

#2021 MARKS our tenth year on# Facebook and 10th #birthday of the PCASUK website/ Blog too! It will also be a year where I will be expanding our range, to present some new features focusing kind of unexplored Peter Cushing work. The #PCASUK archive of video and audio interviews with actors, directors and crew who worked with Peter.. these #interviews have only be shared in edited form, back in the late 1980's/ / early 90's as part of a 'audio tape magazine'... will now form a #live monthly visual #PODCAST. It's 15 years since I have dragged myself in front of a camera or even touched an editing desk.To think I once made a living from this for 35 years, sadly until I crashed, television takes no prisoners! It had all been in storage, but was dusted off last year, kick started and worked a treat! Some new software and learning and I was once again, loving it! I guess it's a bit like riding a bicycle.. you don't forget!

AS USUAL I WILL BE reviewing some interesting new books, dvd's and blu rays of Cushing's work, some from Warner Bros planned for next year, running several features on the release of Donald Fearney's new blu ray documentary for 2021, 'The Man Who Created #Frankenstein', along with reviews on the #Hammerfilms books published by #WayneKinsey, and some jaw-dropping recently uncovered and still not shared Peter Cushing / Hammer television material, long thought erased or lost! There will be the competitions, and I hope a few surprises, along with, my regular typos and lame exclamation and water marks . . but more importantly I hope, there will be YOU and your continued support, comments, shares and interest! PCASUK really is a 'one man band' here. I don't play the game of assistance of Facebook's 'post boosting', I don't need to, YOU make all that happen! This is a #hobby, one that has quite surprisingly expanded ever year. It's a hobby that I do love, made all the more fun, with you all being here too!

EVERY POST at the Facebook PCASUK Fan Page is illustraited, we post around 2 to three posts a day, across international time lines. #ChristopherLee, #Hammerfils, #Amicus films, actresses, actors, directors and crew members, all feature in our posts. Competitions, features and RARE images... ANYTHING with a Peter Cushing connection! Above, a small selection of post from the last month . . 

CAN I SHARE a HUGE welcome to all who have LIKED and FOLLOWED us in the last few weeks, thank you for joining us. To the never failing regulars, the band, thank you, I would be lost without you, as Peter Cushing would indeed say, 'In all sincerity, may God's blessing be with you always!'.... Please keep safe everyone and look after yourselves, your family, loved ones and friends - Marcus 

NEWS: Although I am sure many #StarWars collectors and fans may have known about this for a while, maybe you haven't see this Hasbro Retro game?? The Star Wars Escape From The #DeathStar Board Game, has been released as part of #HasbroRETRO series.. along with this very neat Exclusive Retro Collection 3.75-Inch #PeterCushing #Tarkin Figure, as part of the box feature! You can find more details along with order info at the Hasbro #Facebook page.  Has anyone here apart from PCASUK Facebook follower #ScottEdwardHeasmer, who sent me the details today, got one of these πŸ˜????

TODAY WE WISH a very happy birthday to #GuyHenry an actor who was busily working in a UK soap drama... and then was thrust into the spotlight, following huge anticipation for the arrival of the STAR WARS movie, #ROGUEONE

ABOVE: Short INTERVIEW with GUY HENRY on playing TARKIN and his thoughts on Peter Cushing and how he played the role in the film 'Star Wars : A New Hope' back in 1977. CLICK HERE!  


HENRY WASN'T just playing any character though, it was a role that would split the opinion of Cushing fans, movie goers and #StarWars Followers, the world over.... A Job Well done, Mr Henry πŸ˜€ A VERY Happy Birthday to you, have a great day!

PLEASE COME JOIN US at the FACEBOOK PCASUK FAN PAGE! With posts every day, rare images and photographs, features and prize competitions.You'll have good company with over 34 thousand followers and friends, all celebrating the LIFE and CAREER of Peter Cushing OBE!

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