Saturday, 13 July 2019


REMEMBERING Actor Eric Portman, who was born today 13th July 1901 in West #Halifax, Yorkshire, UK. He was so convincing and extremely good at playing 'in the cinema audiences perception' mean and calculating German spies and /or #Naziofficers, that many believed he actually was German, or at least #Austrian. Eric had a very distinguished career on stage and in many much admired and respected British films. Among his many film credits are “49th Parallel”, “Went the Day Well”, “Daybreak” and “Millions Like Us”. Eric only appeared in one film from #Hollywood, “The Prince and the Pauper” in 1937.

PORTMAN APPEARED in an absolute gem of a 1963 Peter Cushing film, entitled 'The Man Who Finally Died'. For what sounds something like, associated with one of PC's many fantasy genre films, this one is nothing of the sort. A tight, dramatic and often very suspenseful thriller, starring Stanley Baker, Georgina Ward, Nigel Green, Niall MacGinnis and Mai Zetterling, and directed by Quentin (#Cash On Demand) . . .it's a film that in recent years emerged on dvd and if it's £5 or £25, you'll find much worth every penny. It keeps you guessing and all cast are on their toes, with Porter, Baker and Cushing working together so well. Eric Porter sadly died in Cornwall in 1969. 

I FIND IT CURIOUS that these days, so little is known about Eric Portman’s work as he appeared in many major British films of the Gaumont era, and many with some of our best directors. Happy Birthday Eric Portman, never dull, always entertaining 😉 Trivia : I am today sat in the home of a friend, whose house is less than four houses away from the home where Stanley Baker was born and lived until he was a teenager! 

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