Saturday, 26 January 2019


#CHRISTOPHERLEESATURDAY! Christopher Lee as, August in the 2011 film, 'THE RESIDENT' a role for Lee, that was seen by many, as a welcome return to Hammer films. The Hammer connection though, was also a very sticky point when the film was released. Many Lee and Hammer fans, didn't see or credit this roel as a RETURN at all, only that Hammer was now far removed from the lone and iconic production company of yesterday. Many argued that THE RESIDENT was produced by a Hammer films, that was a consortium of businesses, that it wasn't a sole Hammer film production and that Hammer was just a name! Does the fact that Hammer films had changed and that several hands were producing the films, take away the link between Christopher Lee appearing in what appeared to 'the public' to be a celebrated reunion? This isthe question we are asking today at the Facebook PCASUK FAN PAGE! Please feel free to join the debate, and add your opinion on this too!

#CHRISTOPHERLEE Saturday! Aged 85, and out and about in town in 2007, is Christopher Lee! 😊 Look closely and you'll see he is carrying some DVD's in his hand. Over at the Facebook PCAS FAN PAGE we've asked those of you who are keen eyed film collectors, IF they can identify the title of that dvd? 😉

CATCH UP with all the details on Warner Brothers REMASTERED blu ray releases of THE SATANIC RITES OF DRACULA and DRACULA AD 1972 : Reviewed : animated GIFS, photographs and screen captures!

BY THE WAY, did you know that the name of Dracula's 'hang out' Pelham House in 'Satanic Rites' was an 'in-joke reference' to Hammer films CEO Sir James Carreras home of residence, Pelham Place in London? 'Satanic Rites' was Sir James' last production with Hammer films.

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