Wednesday, 12 September 2018


SAD NEWS TODAY, that an actress who actually never worked with Peter Cushing has left us. Ninety years seems to prompt usually lots of 'well, she had a long life . .' and sentiments of she lived well..' But, I have to be honest, whatever time Fenella was going to leave, for me, was always going to be . . . too soon. Fenella Fielding, was unique, always entertaining, eccentric and surprising. It seems we were the only people who were aware of her age, because she most certainly wasn't. 

FENELLA was fortunate to have landed a film role back in 1966, when the Cushing Frankenstein films, were at their height and gave a line, that would follow her, for the rest of her days... 'Do you mind, if I smoke?' as Valeria Watt in 'Carry On Screaming' was gold. As was she. Three years previous to this role, she appeared in a film joint venture with both Hammer films and William Castle in THE OLD DARK HOUSE. Which kind of started a path, in which she played attractive but spooky strange femme's! No matter the role, Fenella made it her own, in the way only she could do. That voice. At 90, she was still working and will be working her magic on us all for a long long time to come. Bless you, Fenella!

THERE IS A FULL THE OLD DARK HOUSE REVIEW complete with some rare stills GALLERY from at our supplement website, THE BLACK BOX CLUB. RIGHT HERE!

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