Wednesday, 8 August 2018


TWO GREAT PAGES, from a UK magazine, that made it's mark and sadly vanished, WORLD OF HORROR. It only made it to just nine issues, and vanished from the newsagents shelves in less than a year. It was launched in 1974 by the Dalruth Publishing Group / Gresham Publishing company and edited by, Gent Shaw. What happened to either of those, I have no idea. I  know I was not the only young teenager, who awaited each new issue, with much excitement. The range of subject matter and films covered in the magazine all fell under the 'horror and fantasy' banner, I suited my appetite and interest very well. Yes, Monster Mag, sits on the top of the pile, with those amazing posters, but because of the format, they only had eight pages, the other and underside of the poster, with limited panels, to write. So info was always limited, but the posters made up for that!    

WORLD OF HORROR also provided some excellent covers, not all nine issue covers images were wonderful, but several colour pages within, gave us some very impressive stills and portraits.  They always seem ed to have a good supply of both Hammer and Amicus films, NEW photographs. You have to remember, all three actors, Peter Cushing, Vincent Price AND Christopher Lee were still working, and in 1974, were still appearing in the films, that made companies, lots of lolly at the box office. The two page feature on Amicus films, MADHOUSE appeared just as the film was being released, so press offices, were keen to give synopsis's and lovely pics. It was a golden era for some TV shows too, that appeared in the magazine, like the BBC Dr Who, with Tom Baker. There was something to please everyone. We'll be posting more on this magazine and many others, over the next few weeks, as we turn our WEDNESDAY theme here at the website, to comics and magazines, that included and covered the films of Peter Cushing and friends. COMIC TURNS AND MAGS WEDNESDAY, has started today!

MEANWHILE this SUNDAY, you'll be getting more than the few images as included in the feature above from the Amicus film, MADHOUSE.  A TWO PART feature, with a mega gallery in each, MADHOUSE : ON SCREEN AND BEHIND THE SCENES, with Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, Robert Quarry, Adrienne Corri, Natasha Pyne, Linda Hayden, Barry Dennen, Jenny Leigh Wright, Julie Crosthwaite, Michael Parkinson and Director Jim Clark, all appear! PART ONE can be found here at the website, with selected extracts at the FACEBOOK PCASUK FAN PAGE!

IF YOU WANT to discuss, chat or debate the content of any of our posts, here at the website, please come join us at the FACEBOOK PCASUK FAN PAGE  There are over 33 thousand other friends and fans of Peter Cushing's work, who have joined the page, and it's a busy place. BUT we are always happy to meet new friends and chat. Photos, features, themed daily posts and competitions, lots to see! You will be MOST welcome!

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