Saturday, 19 May 2018


YOU WOULD HAVE to have been living in a CAVE not to be aware what took place in WINDSOR UK today...a ROYAL Wedding no less, of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, all supported by a few thousand guests from around the globe and a few hundred thousans members of the public, cheering and support their BIG day! It's the kind of thing that both Peter and Christopher Lee would have enjoyed very much. BOTH were royal supporters...and each had ther own private time with The Queen, Prince Charles, Princess Diana and co... Lee of course had his KNIGHTHOOD and Peter his OBE... The wedding event is still going strong, and our TV and radio stations are covering every detail! But hey...I didn't get an invite!!! I wish Harry and Meghan MUCH happiness and success in the coming years...they are very popular, and I am very very happy for them..I think PC and CL would have been too . . .

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