Sunday, 27 May 2018


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VINCENT PRICE AND CHRISTOPHER LEE! You couldn't fail to notice that, it was the 105th anniversary of Peter Cushing's birthday yesterday? And today, as if that was enough excitement... we also celebrate another TWO great titans of cinema, Christopher Lee and Vincent Price! The GREAT TRIPLE A TEAM! This is always a special treat that I am sure most people who come here, look forward to every year, when we have a TRIPLE A OPPORTUNITY, to indulge and enjoy, and binge on our favorite fantasy films of Peter, Christopher and Vincent...and everything that goes with that! Have you enjoyed a Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Vincent Price FILM BINGE this Hoilday Weekend?? If so, share your idea of the PERFECT playlist, I am sure many here would appreciate the suggestions, to make their BINGE go with a BANG! Meanwhile... it's join us in remembering and celebrating BOTH Christopher and Vincent TODAY...Happy Birthday Gentlemen and thank you!

I HAVE MADE AND POSTED EXTRA BIRTHDAY BANNERS here, for you to use and share, if you would like to celebrate too! PLEASE spread the word!!

PLEASE CATCH our NEW LAST MEETING clip, posted yesterday on PETER CUSHING'S Birthday here and at our PCAS YOUTUBE CHANNEL 

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