Tuesday, 29 May 2018


THE TUESDAY TOUGHY . . .over at the PCAS website I have set this week's CUSHING TUESDAY TOUGHY. As I am sure any regular here knows , CUSHING LOVED his cuppa. He also had quite strict ideas about how it should be made and what tea was used... I am quite surprised to see he is using one of those tacky PYREX glass tea cups that were around in the 1970's! Anyone else remember those? I would have though his jaw would have dropped at the absence of a china cup and saucer... maybe it was just for the photograph..and he threw the slops and cup in the laboratory sink, after the pic was taken? 

SO SUGAR... what do you think? BELOW is  the answer to the LAST TUESDAY TOUGHY and a link to previous gallery and feature I wrote on Hammer films and their tea breaks, here at the website, should you want to learn more!


ANSWER: Peter Cushing was offered several plays on Broadway early in his career. Shortly before leaving the US for Canada on his efforts to get back to England, Peter was offered two plays that went to Broadway, The Seventh Trumpet and Golden Wings. He chose The Seventh Trumpet, which ran a week longer than Golden Wings. Cushing also auditioned for the role of Paul Verrall in Olivier's production of 'Born Yesterday' in 1946. But when Olivier asked him to try an American accent, Cushing didn't think he could do the accent justice. Olivier promised he wouldn't forget Cushing and if anything else came up, that he thought Peter was suitable for, he would contact him. He kept his word. Cushing was cast in Olivier's film production of HAMLET shortly after as Osric, and toured with Olivier's company in the US and Canada, for quite sometime afterwards. The production we were looking for however, was a 1975 Broadway production of The Crucifer of Blood, a play based on Conan Dolye's Sherlock Holmes story, The Sign of Four. Cushing, as with many theatre opportunities after the mid 1960's, declined.

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