Thursday, 19 April 2018


OPINIONS ON THE CGI TARKIN that appeared in the 2016 film 'ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY' will probably be forever divided. Some say, it ALMOST works. Others, that it's just not LIFE LIKE, let alone CUSHING as TARKIN. While some like myself believe, it DOES . ..  98% of the time. I have always seen each STAR WARS movie, as a separate movie...despite the continuity thread of the stories. 

EACH FILM IS NEW. Each film has it's own time to entertain and work. Despite whatever the prequel or any other releases signal or flag up, the job is to work. Many audiences today, judge the success and entertainment value, on what has happened before. If it is a remake, a sequel of prequel, it takes that test. It applies for completely NEW films too, with NO association to a series or similar theme.

WE SUSPECTED here at PCAS, like many others, that the CGI was coming. Just for a short time, CUSHING was BUZZING! When the release of the film arrived, newspapers, tv news, magazines and the net, carried opinions and images. For five months, CGI brought Peter Cushing BACK to world. I think ROGUE ONE is an amazing film and the appearance of a CGI Peter Cushing as Tarkin, is magic. For me, it always will be . . 

LITTLE DID PETER CUSHING  know back in 1976, when he was shooting STAR WARS, that one little decision he made, after feeling the PINCH of his leather TARKIN boots, talk about his performance would not only be about how he played such a tyrant . .  but the word SLIPPERS, would also be forever associated too.   


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