Saturday, 14 April 2018


#CHRISTOPHERLEE SATURDAY! This week we are loading up our entire PCAS PLAYLIST from our YOUTUBE CHANNEL of one of our most popular series at the site. Our clips of Peter Cushing as TARKIN from #STARWARS and #ROGUEONE are popular, the #AMICUSFILMS documentaries are too. #MARKLHAMILL talking about meeting with Cushing while making Star Wars, Hamill STILL is a BIG #HAMMERFILMS fan, always gets views as does Cushing's Masks of Death Sherlock movie and what was one of least popular films when it was released, The Ghoul. . . .

BUT ONE SERIES of clips that always gets viewings and has been a hit since they were first posted a few years ago is ONE LAST TIME. Both Cushing and Christopher Lee were quite private individuals, private in their friendship too. Finding candid photographs of them on set at one time, was quite rare, and there was thought to be nothing in the way of any footage of them chatting together, until 1994.

THE JOB OF THEM providing the narration for the documentary, 'Flesh And Blood: The Hammer Heritage Of Horror', took place in a small studio in Canterbury. Neither Cushing or Lee had met together for a year or two, although they had kept up their communication over the phone. Lee knew his friend was seriously ill and was very keen to take the opportunity to spend some time together. His reaction to not knowing how ill Cushing was, has been well documented, so we won't dwell on that here. Neither will we disclose again, how this footage was captured and how we obtained a copy of it, but today we have taken the opportunity, for those who maybe haven't viewed the clips, to sample a few from our PCAS YOUTUBE CHANNEL playlist!

MANY WHO HAVE WATCHED this collection of clips have mentioned how surprised they were, at seeing both Lee and Cushing so relaxed, how entertaining and sometimes quite emotional it is to see, just how close both Cushing and Lee were. You get to the opportunity to see, a side to both gentlemen you didn't know existed. HAVE FUN watching these clips. IF you have any comments or suggestions about this or any posts at the blog, just use the COMMENT BUTTON at the bottom of this post, and if you wish we can also add your comment to the feature!



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