Thursday, 15 February 2018


HERE IS AN EXTRACT from Optibotimus Reviews : Hot Toys Star Wars GRAND MOFF TARKIN upload. He does a great job of showing us the Peter Cushing Grand Moff Tarkin figure in HIS FULL upload, so you can see what you'll be getting for your hard earned bucks! It's a BEAUTIFUL figure. More in his upload which you can find HERE!

A HEADS UP on a great feature that appears in ISSUE SEVEN of CINEFICCION magazine. For the past year or so, editor Dario Lavia been generously sending us issues of the magazine. Back in the day, when I avidly collected magazines and books that featured Peter Cushing, it didn't matter then, or now that the written material was in another tongue, other than my own 'primitive English'. CINE FICCION is published in Spanish, and knowing that both here and at the facebook fan page, there many, many for who the language would not be an issue, I invite you to look the great little magazine up! When I was just ten, probably the best books I owned on Hammer films and Peter Cushing also came from a Spanish publisher. It's pages are very well thumbed! While you are browsing the back issues, also take a look at a series of SPECIALS, called TITANS OF HORROR that Dario edited on Karloff, Lugosi, Price, Chaney Snr and Peter Cushing!

I WAS HONORED TO BE  INVITED to write the  prologue for the Peter Cushing book, and went on a trip down memory lane, when I recalled the first time I saw Peter in a movie at the age of six! This isn't the first time, PCAS has appeared in the pages of a CINEFICCION publication. Some of you have kindly messaged over the years suggesting that, many images and features would look quite smart in a book! Well, back last year I opened up our pages, features and posts to Dario and CINEFICCION, and gave them full access to ANY of the features, past and present, plus all photographs within, for monthly publication in the CINEFICCION magazine. So thanks to Dario, PCAS has a platform in PRINT too. They do a VERY good job of presenting the material too! And yes, before you ask.  He does check for any of my grammatical errors and typos, before the presses role.....!

CINEFICCION is THE magazine of classic horror & science fiction movies. Written in Spanish, is edited in Argentina and reaches the whole world. Our last issue devoted to Universal Horrors. Price per issue: USD 8 (+ shipping cost)

WHEN THE PCAS PODCAST hits the net later this year, CINEFICCION will EXCLUSIVELY be the only magazine to carry the full, unpublished  and unedited interviews in print!

YOU CAN FIND CINEFICCION at it's WEBSITE. On FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and ON Facebook GROUPS. MANY of the portraits and artwork on the covers are the beautifully work of Gabriela Rodas. Here is her FACEBOOK PAGE, where you'll find other examples of her work.

REMEMBER! IF YOU LIKE what you see here at our website, you'll  love our daily themed posts at our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE.  Just click that blue LINK and click LIKE when you get there, and help us . . Keep The Memory Alive!. The Peter Cushing Appreciation Society website, facebook fan page and youtube channel are managed, edited and written by Marcus Brooks, PCAS coordinator since 1979. PCAS is based in the UK and USA 

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