Friday, 9 February 2018


#PeterCushing Femmefatalesfriday! Here's an interesting musical motif connection, between Valerie Gaunt and Christopher Lee. Btw Valerie is the subject of next week's #femmefatale feature here at the website!

PETER CUSHING AGED NINE, with a letter from his school, that was requested by his father, George. It's interesting to read how even back then, he was consciousness and stood out, even at school! 

THE ABOVE BANNER was posted today at our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. With it was a message to everyone who follows and comments at the page, that this is the last post for a while, on the page.  FACEBOOK is a for PCAS is a great tool, to connect with fans of Peter Cushing's work, to devise competitions and get together with others, who have a love of Peter and the whole world, that connects to his work and life. But all of that shudders to a halt, if the followers can nit see the posts we make three to four times daily. Some are reporting seeing none at all, for DAYS! 

ABOVE A FACEBOOK MESSAGE we received seconds after posting the news of taking a some time out from posting on the PCAS facebook fan page. If it wasn't so stupid and manipulative, it would be funny . . BELOW the revised header banner

THE SOLUTION appears to be clicking a button, making a prioritization of the posts you see on facebook..without it, you will not see the PCAS posts, and the account, is starved of the interaction that facebook insists it receives, OR it buries the account. We are taking a few days off from the PCAS PAGE, and waiting to see, if things change . . . .Posts will continue here, unchanged. Thanks to YOU both this website and our PCAS YOUTUBE CHANNEL are very healthy indeed! I'll keep you posted - Marcus 

WHILE WE MAY BE EXPERIENCING visibility issues at our FACEBOOK PAGE, we are still very happy to promote and raise awareness of other society, groups and in this case, excellent video documentaries. I received a message from the chaps at the DARK CORNERS YOUTUBE CHANNEL  a short time ago, asking if we could possibly, post a LINK to their channel. There reason, I had already discovered that very morning. TWO SUPERB documentaries called HAMMER AND THE FRANKENSTEIN FRANCHISEWritten and presented by Robin Bailes, directed and edited by Graham Trelfer, the docs are in TWO parts, and each are well worth your time, as are many of video docs. Packed with tons of images and clips, both are very well edited and presented, making these many steps above, what usually passes for docs and reviews on Youtube and also many extras on current blu rand DVD releases. Don't take my word for it, go look them up pr click these links for PART ONE and  PART TWO HERE!

REMEMBER! IF YOU LIKE what you see here at our website, you'll  love our daily themed posts at our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE.  Just click that blue LINK and click LIKE when you get there, and help us . . Keep The Memory Alive!. The Peter Cushing Appreciation Society website, facebook fan page and youtube channel are managed, edited and written by Marcus Brooks, PCAS coordinator since 1979. PCAS is based in the UK and USA

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