Saturday, 6 January 2018


#CHRISTOPHERLEESATURDAY! WHEN ACTOR MELVYN HAYES met Christopher Lee many years after he played a young Baron Frankenstein to Peter Cushing adult Baron in Hammer films first Frankenstein film, 'The Curse of Frankenstein' (1957) Christopher Lee was a virtual unknown actor at the time he appeared in the film as the 'creation' / 'monster' . .. which both Hayes and Peter 'MADE' in the movie. . . . .cringe....

THE VERY FIRST TIME I ever saw MELVYN HAYES, was on the big screen in a SATURDAY MORNING FILM CLUB for children when I was about nine years old. He played a character called ALBERT, that I loved very much, in a weekly film serial that was screened as part of the morning's entertainment called, Here Comes The Double Deckers!'. It was produced by the UK Children Film Foundation, which I believe provide funded by RANK CINEMAS, who provided all the films we watched. Maybe some of you from the UK may remember this?

IN THE COURSE of my duties managing PCASUK in the 80's I finally got to meet Melvyn. He was extremely friendly, loved to talk and share stories. Melvyn also appeared in other films that starred Peter Cushing, 'VIOLENT PLAYGROUND' (1958) which as he said, is a REAL time piece and as Daft Jamie in 'FLESH AND THE FIENDS' (1960) and finally in,  'A TOUCH OF SUN' (1980) which was one of the lost film features in our 'LESSER SEEN PETER CUSHING FILMS' season. It can be seen at our PCAS YOUTUBE CHANNEL 

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