Tuesday, 23 January 2018


MANY OF YOU MAY have had fun with us, when we posted a whole GALLERY OF FAKE BLU RAY BOXES AND COVERS connected to the many PETER CUSHING films and projects that sadly, for whatever reasons,  didn't come to fruition. THIS particular HAMMER FILM isn't included in the frustrating roll call. And one wonders, if both Cushing and Lee had been cast. how that film may have turned out. All will be revealed TOMORROW when we share the ANSWER here and at the PCASUK FACEBOOK FAN PAGE

IF YOU MISSED THE Unmade Peter Cushing films feature, written by MARK IVESON with  mocks up's and images by yours truly, HERE is a link, to catch it now: CLICK RIGHT HERE!

THE TUESDAY TOUGHY is a new weekly posts for here and the PCASUK FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. Sadly, I can't give away prizes for anyone who answers these brain teasers correctly, but you will forever be elevated in the academic corridors of  UNIVERSITY OF CUSHINDEMIA, for life! IF you feel, on cracking the teaser, you would like to share you moment of EUREKA, why not join us at the PCAS FACEBOOK PAGE, and ease the strain on others who may not have found that elusive answer. Alternatively, take comfort in the fact, that ALL the answers to the TUESDAY TOUGHY can be found in the posts and pages of this website and the FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. We'll be providing the ANSWER here tomorrow. HAVE FUN! - Marcus  

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