Saturday, 13 January 2018


CONSIDERING THERE ARE SO MANY film, actor fan pages and groups, across facebook and the web, I only belong to a handful, mainly because, just posting a fuzzy photograph or asking you name your top five films, every other day. . .doesn't quite cut it for me personally. I want to see some thought put in and some interesting and engaging material. . . .please...! Rare photographs / memorabilia shared and a true insight to the subject matter of said page / group. I want to feel when I have taken time to visit there, that I have learned something or and had fun.

THE SIR ROBERT STEPHENS APPRECIATION SOCIETY, has only recently been launched, and I am very happy to say, that if what has been shared there already, is anything like we can expect in the future.... Joanna Keani Jones, who creates the posts and admins the group, is doing a fabulous job.

"The Sir Robert Stephens Appreciation Society is a celebration of the life & artistry of this incredibly gifted actor. Sir Robert always gave his best in performance and in the process, created a myriad of incredible character studies in which the viewer could relate to, understand and very often, find sympathy with, regardless of the character's intentions.

Because of Sir Robert's ability to create such emotion-fueled, nuanced portrayals in film, theatre, TV & radio, he garnered many admirers of his work which continues on today, some 20-plus years after his passing. This group has been created to discuss and share information with like-minded enthusiasts of all things Sir Robert." -Joanna Keani Jones  

YOU HAVE TO BE PASSIONATE TO CREATE banners, images and content like Joanna has. Rare theatre programmes, stills, reviews, clippings. It's ALL there and shared in hi res. As I mentioned in our early post, Stephens was a very rare talent indeed. A complicated man, with a complicated life. I can assure you, the content at the 'Sir Robert Stephens Appreciation Society Group', will never be dull, just because Stephens was far from dull, and Joanna shares material that really does show the breath of his career and the diverse roles he played.

I CAN'T PRAISE THIS GROUP enough and I am so happy to see someone doing such a fine job. Don't take my word for it, first watch the excellent promo trailer below and then if you have a facebook account, GO SEE FOR YOURSELF. THEN LIKE and come back and tell us, what you think? .Thank you. - Marcus

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