Monday, 4 December 2017


#MOMENTSOFTERRORMONDAY! : YOUR EMPIRE NEEDS YOU! A terrific call to arms from RALF SCHMITT! It's interesting, even a year on from Cushing's TARKIN re-emergence in ROGUE ONE, there us hardly a day when, something about this, probably now, the most famous of all Cushing's performances, doesn't appear on the 'Cushing Scanner!'..... and that is always a good thing!

TODAY'S #MOMENTOFTERROR is a scene from 1959’s Hound of the Baskervilles, surely a firm favourite of many of our readers. Coming at the climax of the film, this is the moment where Christopher Lee’s Sir Henry Baskerville comes face to face with the Hound. Hammer’s version of the tale is easily one of the creepiest of the many filmed, preformed or staged over the many year’s and this scene is a prime example. Of course it’s well known now that the titular hound is a Great Dane in a rubber mask, but Fisher’s skill at keeping the beast off screen until this crucial moment is what makes it all the more shocking.

NOT ONLY this but it follows it up with one of the more disturbing sequences in the entire film. As Cecile Stapleton attempts to escape across the more Holmes, Watson and Henry Baskerville, unable to see her in the darkness, listen to her pitiful cries as she is sucked under the mire. It’s a shame that Hammer never thought to draw on any of Doyle’s other Holmes stories as another Gothic thriller in the same vein with a returning Cushing and Morell would have been a real pleasure. A truly chilling moment and a worthy climax to another great from Hammer’s early years.

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