Monday, 16 October 2017


#MONSTERMONDAY! If I may borrow from the late, Terry-Thomas, What A Bounder! Paul Kempt, assistant to Cushing's Baron in Hammer films, #thecurseoffrankenstein. At the Baron's hour of need, just minutes away from the guillotine, he begs for his friends help.... Cushing pulls out the stops in his emotional pleading . It's a cracking scene, made all the more powerful by Paul's cold stand off behavior. Should he have helped the his friend, Frankenstein?? What a monster! You DECIDE . . .

AROUND THE 48 SECOND MARK, Cushing applies quite a clever technique... for just a second, he looks at the camera, deliberately. He breaks, THE FOURTH WALL, in order to connect with the viewer. It's pretty neat, and something I had not noticed before today, while looking at the clip. If you take a look at a similar scene at the end of his performance as Winston Smith in the BBC 1984 (1954), he does it there too, to brilliant effect. 

(THE FOURTH WALL is a theatrical term for the imaginary “wall” that exists between actors on stage and the audience. ... The same effect often occurs in movies, only the fourth wall in that instance is a camera lens.)

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