Thursday, 26 October 2017


THE LESSER SEEN PETER CUSHING FILMS SEASON: Number 3# : 'A TOUCH OF SUN' or 'No Secrets' is ANOTHER one of those Cushing films, where . . . it's not what you are expecting. It feels like a 'Carry On' film, mixed with maybe the chaos of Casino Royale (1965) played out by the Worthington Town Amateur Little Theatre Group, with poor Peter Cushing, as always giving his best. He DOES actually do quite well, and has some of the best line. But much of his, 'business' on screen, seems under rehearsed. Which I am sure, he would have hated! 

FOR A LONG TIME NOW, I have had the feeling this was film was produced as someones, TAX right off! Made in Zambia, it never left there. It never received a theatrical release, though some do say it did get a tv screening in New Zealand! Cushing plays Commissioner Potts, a role that was originally intended for actor Terry-Thomas . .. probably hoping to cash in on his 1959 film success, 'Carlton Browne of the FO'... but THAT was 1959. I would LOVE to hear your opinions on this one. You'll be puzzled, you'll be foxed, you..might not make it to the end! Many thanks to Jean Layette for his help on sourcing this little seen... film. 😉 TRIVIA: As well as Cushing and Reed, there is another Hammer Film connection in this film. Did you spot them?

HAVE YOU READ CALLUM MCKELVIE's TWO PART FEATURE on the DALEK films with Peter Cushing as Dr Who? Lots of rare IMAGES and muchmore : PART ONE is HERE PART TWO HERE!

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