Tuesday, 17 October 2017


#TOOCOOLTUESDAY! #NEWS: To celebrate the long-awaited arrival of Hammer House of Horror in High Definition Network have announced they are giving away a facsimile of an original script with each Blu-ray set ordered only direct from them.These specially printed reproductions contain the original Hammer shooting scripts together with the additional pink amendment pages introduced during production, all courtesy of the Hammer archive at de Montfort University, ITV and Hammer Film Productions.

THE ARE JUST 500 copies available of each of Children of the Full Moon, The Silent Scream, The Mark of Satan and The Two Faces of Evil and these will be dispatched separately to your Blu-ray before the end of November. Your Blu-ray will be dispatched on or before the release date.

#TOOCOOLTUESDAY! What a great way to start our themed TUESDAY, marking the birthday, that just two years ago, was an actor busily working in a UK soap drama... and then last December was thrust into the spotlight, following huge anticipation for the arrival of the STAR WARS movie, #ROGUEONE. Henry wasn't just playing any character though, it was a role that would split the opinion of Cushing fans, movie goers and Star Wars Followers, the world over.... A Job Well done, Mr Henry 😉 A VERY Happy Birthday to you, have a great day!  

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