Thursday, 19 October 2017


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY! Here's the SECOND in our weekly series of 'lesser seen Peter Cushing Roles'. Last week, 'Some May Live' this week, it's an episode which some of you in the UK may remember, from the tv series The ZOO GANG, called The Counterfeit Trap (1974) Peter Cushing plays Judge Gautier . .. . another accent! Let us know what you think about this little gem! BTW Our season is playing out at our PCAS YOUTUBE channel and PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGEtoo . . . .

REMEMBERING: Born today, Simon Ward. If you take a look at the raft of obituaries for Simon Ward who sadly passed away in 2012, it's a common fault that they state that his career was kick started when he was 'plucked from obscurity' and appeared in Richard Richard Attenborough’s 'Young Winston' in 1972. Maybe that is how the press and publicity agents remember it....but for Ward, it was not so.

WARD ACKNOWLEDGED Hammer films 'Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed' made in 1969 as the film 'that started it all' and the generous help and assistance from his co star Peter Cushing, that made anything afterwards possible... In a interview with PCAS in 1979, Ward acknowledges his debt to Cushing, who he said, '..had time and patience with me. I knew nothing of the technique needed for working with a camera or about the studio floor. Peter was extremely kind, taking time to explain the simple but very important rules of pace and nuance, so the editor can get in there. This and try to not fall over the cables. He did so much for me. Quite extraordinary. I mean, no one has the time to do that, everyone is busy. But he did it for me, many times through out the film. And it's something I've always remembered, and not come across since... a very kind, gentle, gracious man. He really did save my skin'.

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