Tuesday, 5 September 2017


#TOOCOOLTUESDAY! CONGRATULATIONS to JENNY ALLAN the winner of our SHE Peter Cushing Autographed photo prize!! A very popular competition. Many thanks to everyone who took part and entered 🙂 There will be quite a few comps between now and Christmas here at PCAS. Lots of opportunities to win yourself a signed photograph of Peter and much more besides. Again, CONGRATS to JENNY and thank you all for your support..!

#TOOCOOLTUESDAY: PCAS ROLLS OUT VINTAGE PRIZES! MARCUS BROOKS: 'When I took over the reigns of PCAS back in 1979, I also purchased the entire PCAS collection from PCAS secretary Gladys Fletcher, who founded the society, upon Peter Cushing's request back in 1956. Many of the items in the collection we have doubles and triples of. All of these 'vintage collectables' came through Peter himself to the society, so they could be used in the posted members journals and newsletters. Everything we have multiple sets of or doubles, I am now offering up as prizes, for you to win !! There are press books, lobby sets, individual stills. No copies or reprints. Most come with stipes or press info from the time. As well as those vintage memorabilia prizes, there are dvds and blu rays, collectable magazines, original contact sheets from Peter Cushing films . .. a LOT of items, so lots of prizes, some of which will be bundled. I am sure we are going to have a lot of fun together, me compiling competitions, and you cracking those Cushing questions and puzzles. It's going to be a busy time here between now and Christmas, so hang in there, stay in the loop and join in the fun..and good luck'

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