Friday, 15 September 2017


Very sad to hear of the passing of legendary artist, BASIL GOGOS today. . . I first became aware of his incredible work on the Famous Monsters of Filmland covers... and this one in particular, of Peter Cushing. He leaves behind an enormous body of work, which fans and the lovers of his art will appreciate for many years to come . . .Do you have a favorite Gogo piece... ?

MANY MOONS AGO . .. . I spotted the cover of a certain magazine, on a  magazine rack, the kind you  see at airport news and book stores at airports, in our local newspaper vendors, in a teenie-tiny village, in the South of England.  It was my sixth birthday, and my grandma was taking  holding my hand, making her daily trip , to by her newspaper. I was invited along, because being my special day,  I could pick some sweets / candy from the large glass jars, that stood on shelves, behind the counter. I settled on half a pound of loose Jelly Babies, and while my Gran and shop keeper chatted and he was  weighing them,  looking around, I spotted the strangest cover of a magazine. 

I didn't really know what the magazine was about, although I judging by that word 'MONSTERS' in white, and that amazing character on the front, which I guessed, was maybe the Phantom of the Opera ...I knew my monsters from watching the late night movies at my Grandma's . . . I wanted it SO BADLY. But my birthday treat was being poured from the weighing scales scooped sliver bowl, into brown paper bags. I'd blown it! If only I had seen the magazine before my sweet tooth had led me to the Jelly Babies . . . In hindsight, I didn't really need the sweets, because I had the sweetest, kindest Grandma in the world. I left the store holding my Grandma's hand with my right hand, and two bags of Jelly Babies in my left..... but under my arm, were was that magazine, with that amazing art on the cover. From that day on, things would never be the same. . . - Marcus


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