Wednesday, 13 September 2017


#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY!: As you probably know, Wednesday is our THEME DAY when we post #GIFS as requested by YOU during the past week. This week the Theme at the website is 'FINGERS!' and this one was requested by Tomas Wentry from the UK. It's a clip from one of the last annual Christmas messages that Lee shared on the net.... that little gesture at the end there, ensured the clip went viral!

#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY! Here we have a surprising example of the dexterity of a DALEK claw! Who would have thought that a mechanical claw, could be so dainty?  This clip from Cushing's 'non-canon' Dr Who outing 'Dr Who and the Daleks' (1965) proves one thing, the pepper-pots may not be able to 'do' stairs, but if you want someone to your needle-point on the planet Scaro, these are your go to guys! Thanks to Milla  Sandosos, for the request and pointing this little factoid out!

Not EVERYONE enjoys Doctor Who OR the Daleks. Here's our REVIEW FEATURE and STILLS GALLERY at the website: CLICK HERE!

#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY!: Until I watched this film quite recently, not listening closely enough, I thought PC was handling a 'TOOTH!', so please allow me license, for the sake of our theme today?   Peter Cushing was famous for his use for props in films with him often having different items in his pocket even if they never appeared on screen. Getting the nickname 'Props Cushing.' RECALLING how the cast and crew on 'The Abominable Snowman' were entertained by Cushing's improvisation with props, director Val Guest said, "One Scene he gets give a tooth, we went for the take and then surprise, Peter brought out a small nail file, then a measuring tool! We got in the first take we'd never last another one!" Requested by Dina Meddows.


#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY! THAT FINGER sure caused poor Peter Cushing's Emmanuel Hildern, a LOT of trouble. IF that petrified skeleton had come with a piece of paper, like those SEA MONKEYS from your childhood, 'JUST ADD WATER' . . for chaos, it would have saved him, from such a cruel and sad fate. 'The Creeping Flesh' (1973) is a film that often gets discussed on our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. It seems everyone who watches the film, has their own theory on what is actually happening on screen. Multi layered it certainly is, or you can enjoy it as a simple tale of revenge and misfortune. Either way it is sadly, one that slipped through the net back in the day. Tigon, a very small production outfit, unfortunately didn't have budgets that stretched to the kind of publicity that their competitors had. Fortunately, thanks to  home viewing, dvd's and blu rays, the film is finally getting the exposure it so richly deserves. Try and catch it  . . Thanks to Shelly Nightingale for this requested #GIF.


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