Monday, 4 September 2017


#MONSTERMONDAY! Marking DAVID PEEL'S passing today, we present this vintage Italian (?) cinema poster for Hammer films, 'The Brides of Dracula' starring Peter Cushing as Van helsing, David Peel as Baron Meinster and the beautiful Yvonne Monlaur as Christina... It's a pretty neat poster, I think. So effective with so little, two colour and broad representation of the characters...with the voltage up on sex appeal as well as the fantasy...or are they the same thing??? Either way, this poster is one of my all time favs. What do you think?

#MONSTERMONDAY: TODAY we remember actor DAVID PEEL who we sadly lost on this day in 1981. There are few who have made such an impact as Peel. He only appeared in ONE film for Hammer films and I believe only appeared in one film with Peter Cushing. ONLY ONE ROLE, one film and yet, enter VAMPIRE HAMMER into google images, and he will appear in most of the pages. Despite the success long after The Brides of Dracula was made...audiences felt a little cheated that it was a DRACULA film, without Dracula!....

I suspect that Peel wasn't impressed with either the film or the subject matter. An unhappy man, with troubles and issues. You probably know, he left the industry early on and went into antiques and real estate, but life for Peel was certainly difficult. We remember him today though, for that one Hammer film and the impressive performance as Baron Meinster, the boy vampire who certainly pushed the boundaries of vampire film!

#MONSTERMONDAY! Here I've have scanned, TWO lobby cards you rarely see today, featuring David Peel. . .one from the UK set and the other from the US set. Both are tinted sets and quite rare!

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