Wednesday, 27 September 2017


#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY!: Amicus films, THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD   was a big hit, financially, and despite the OTT title or maybe because of, it's the one of three that seems to stay in the minds of the audience, long after, TALES FROM THE CRYPT  DR TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS  being the other two. It was with 'HOUSE' that maybe Milton first decided that, perhaps a little BLACK COMEDY would be a good thing, to introduce into the mix of the company releases. 

THE JON PERTWEE / INGRID PITT story 'THE CLOAK' was based on material, as were all four short stories that made up the film, originally written and subsequently scripted by Robert Bloch. I'll leave it to you to decide if it tickles your funny bone or not, for me it was GEOFFREY BAYLDON'S shop keeper, that certainty tickled me most. The above #GIF features Pertwee, trying out The Cloak, look carefully, and just for a few frames, he really does favor the young #TOMBAKER who was to follow him as the time-traveler, #DRWHO. Though at the time, of Pertwee's appearance in this film, he had not long taken over from Patrick Troughton . . .Cushing of course, played the non-canon Dr Who in the only theatrically released feature films, featuring the Dalek's in 1965 and 1966

#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY!: THIS SHORT and silent gig, should give you a teaser as to what is in store, should you decide to catch our UPLOAD at the PETER CUSHING APPRECIATION SOCIETY YOUTUBE CHANNEL THIS weekend! Cushing pulls out everything he has in playing Dr. Alexander Manette in the 1980 film adaption of Charles Dickens, 'A TALE OF TWO CITIES'. Joined by a young Alice Krige, yes she of  BORG QUEEN fame,  as Lucie Manette, his daughter. 

IT GOES UP on the PCAS YOUTUBE CHANNEL on SUNDAY, traditionally our #GETTHECUSHION! themed day. They will be no screams of terror this week, but certainly, screams and sobbing!

#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY! YUP, ISOBEL IS BIT ALRIGHT. Which is a bit of a shame too. No sooner does actress ISOBEL BLACK arrive on screen, than she is gone! In Hammer films, 'TWINS OF EVIL' (1971), her second Hammer after playing Tania 'KISS OF THE VAMPIRE' (1963), she played the rather ineffectual Ingrid Hoffer, a village school mistress and sister to the film's hero actor, David Warbeck. She sadly had little screen time. It was no doubt a weak part, where she did little but support the narrative. 


HER SUDDEN AND VERY DRAMATIC exit as a 'blood drained corpse' bundled in by Peter Cushing's Gustav Weil, during a school music lesson, is the one of the film's best scenes though. What little material Isobel had, she made the most of, but her limited time maybe connected to a conversation during the shooting, when she remarked to Director John Hough, about refusing to appear stark naked. She is known to have been told by Hough: "Well that cuts you out of my future films".

I WOULD HAVE LOVED to have seen Isobel play against Peter Cushing in a feature film. I think had Judy Geeson not landed the role of Peggy Heller in Hammer's FEAR IN THE NIGHT (1972), which she played superbly, Black had she been cast, would have put a completely different reflection that that role. Interestingly, Isobel did appear with Judy Geeson in director, Richard Fleischer's '10 RILLINGTON PLACE' (1971), the story of notorious mass murderer Reginald John Christie, which starred Richard Attenborough and John Hurt.

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