Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Surprised and  very sorry to hear of the passing of actor Tony Booth, best known for his role as Mike Rawlins in the BBC series Till Death Us Do Part. Booth appeared with Peter Cushing in two films Suspect (1960) and Corruption (1968) as the photographer Mike Orme, who has a pretty memorable fight scene with Cushing.

In his time, Booth was a bit of hell raiser. His love of the 'ol shampoo' though never caused him problems at work. 

In 1954, he married the actor Gale Howard (nee Joyce Smith). They had two daughters, Cherie and Lyndsey, and later divorced. He had five daughters with partners whom he did not marry: with Julie Allan, Jenia and Bronwen; with Pamela Smith (the model Susie Riley), Lauren and Emma; and with Ann Gannon, Lucy. In 1988 he married Nancy Jaeger, and they had a daughter, Joanna. After their divorce, in 1998 he married his fourth wife, Stephanie Buckley, a Labour party worker.

During the late 70's and 80's his passionate and fiery, with actress Pat Phoenix kept the UK tabloid busy. Political, passionate and not shy to show it . . . the world is becoming a pretty dull place, as people like Tony Booth take the final bow...

Tony Booth is survived by Stephanie and his eight daughters.

Anthony George Booth, actor, born 9 October 1931; died 25 September 2017

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