Thursday, 24 August 2017


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: REALLY BEAUTIFUL work by JONNY GILLARD. You think? A sample of cinematic DRACULA, down the years. Schreck, Lugosi, Lee and Oldman. Who would you COUNT as the actor with the edge on the Prince of Darkness? As you will will probably know, I don't usually do this but, these prints are for sale and you can contact Jonny : HERE!

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY! PETER CUSHING WOULD HAVE been the first to admit, he couldn't hold a note without dropping and smashing it! But, PHANTOM? He would probably not have entertained the idea, and studios like Hammer Films saw his roles in a different way, but Redway and Booth, his agents might have gambled it...they weren't strangers to certain rogue casting, over the years. Gulp! But Cushing as The Phantom..! What do you think? I came across this surreal artwork a few days ago, I don't know the artist..shout if it IS yours, please. I will credit you or take it down, whichever floats your boat . . 

I PERSONALLY THINK, Cushing had the sensitivity for the role . . . we forget he played in MANY love stories on stage, tv and cinema before Hammer arrived... Seriously though . . . Peter Cushing as The Phantom?

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