Wednesday, 23 August 2017


#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY: YOUR REQUESTED GIFS, muted and monstrous! For Sam K. J. from N.J : This chuckle clip of Vincent Price with Valli Kemp from Dr Phibes Rises Again, in which Cushing had a very short whisper of a guest appearance, which is all the more frustrating considering he was approached to star in the FIRST PHIBES movie. Sticks in my throat every time I see this clip..a bit like this fish bone....! Great movie though . . .

#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY!: THE REVEREND BLYSS, alias Captain Clegg, can not contain his contempt and laughter at the bumbling Excise Men. But they are...on his coat tails. 'Night Creatures / Captian Clegg (Hammer films) Requested by Tomas Griffiths.


#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY!: AMICUS FILMS, sure did know how to tell a  good spine tingling short story, and this is one of them. "And All Through The House" is one of the tales presented in the portmanteau style of Amicus films, 'Tales from the Crypt', starring Joan Collins and Chloe Franks. I have seen both of the episodes in the TV series that contain remakes of this story. Even though they have all the more modern cinematic devices and bigger budgets, compared with Amicus films, tiny budget and tight deadline of 1972, I found them, personally ...not to be as effective. Any one else think that?? REQUESTED BY D.D. DEADMAN.

#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY!: BARRY MORSE was a very adaptable actor, and here in Amicus films, 'ASYLUM' (1972) in a short story called 'The Weird Tailor', his poor and gentle of the title, was a very sensitive playing of a man tricked from his fee, but got a lot more than he bargained for. Appearing with Peter Cushing (Mr Smith)  you would never guess that their association and friendship went back years, before and after WW2. More, Cushing and his wife, Helen were once on board a bus in London, which narrowly escaped a stray German 'Doodle-Bug' bomb!

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