Thursday, 17 August 2017


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY! It's the beginning of 1965 and early publicity photographs are being sent out to editors of newspapers and magazines to drum up interest for the arrival of #UrsulaAndress in #Hammefilms most expensive feature film to date '#SHE' ...BUT they are keeping the actual appearance of the actress who was once called 'the most beautiful woman in the world', under wraps . . . SO instead here is co star John Richardson and Rosenda Monteros, a top of that always 1960's iconic open top sports car. #PeterCushng has been busy doing dubbing for the completion of Amicus films, 'Dr Terrors House of Horrors' having started shooting for SHE and Hammer in the sweltering Israel's Negev Desert from 24 August 1964. This shot was snapped at Elstree studios . . . .

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY : The audio is BAD in this cinema short about the making of, what was a the time, #Hammerfilms most expensive feature, #SHE'. Any vintage behind the scenes footage of #PeterCushing is a plus, even when it sounds as awful as this. I am posting this today as pointer to our NEXT PCAS Competition, which will be launch THIS SUNDAY 20th AUGUST 2017. It's a chance to win a SIGNED / AUTOGRAPHED photo of Peter Cushing in the role of Major Holly, the role he played in Hammer's 'SHE' back in 1965. Watch our YOUTUBE Channel, this website, twitter and our Facebook Fan Page for the meantime, turn down the volume and enjoy!

PLEASE JOIN US in wishing SHANE BRIANT a very Happy Birthday Today! Shane's Cushing connection is of course his role as the young Dr. Simon Helder in Hammer film's, Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1974), with Peter Cushing, Madleine Smith and Dave Prowse. Cushing's last Frankenstein and director Terence Fishers last film, he also appeared in several other Hammer films Straight On Til Morning, Demons Of The Mind, and Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter.

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