Friday, 11 August 2017


REQUESTED: This is the first time we have posted the televised #NEWS #OBITUARIES from UK television, that were broadcast on August 11th 1994. It's a sign of the times, that today obituaries on tv do tend to get a little 'over egged' these days. I think, both the BBC and ITV did quite respectful tribute. So as requested by Juan Talos, Maria B, Anthony W . . . the two obituaries as broadcast by the BBC and UK ITV

TODAY AUGUST 11TH marks the 23rd Anniversary of Peter Cushing's passing. It's an anniversary we mark here every year, but in a style we think Peter Cushing would have probably approved of . . in celebration of his life 🙂 I have three posts for you today, that show some of the diversity of Peter's life . . . please feel free to share any images and comments on the threads below our posts or on the section to the right, called 'Posts by Others' Although for much of his life Peter was a private man, we have learned he was as busy at home, as he was on the screen. He loved music, reading and his many hobbies filled his life, a life for the most part, he lead with good humor...and it's his sense of humor we see in this clip. 

Playlist at our PCAS YOUTUBE Channel. Just ONE more CLIP to complete it! You
Can WATCH Peter Cushing's GUEST Appearances on the shows : CLICK HERE!

A REGULAR GUEST on the Morecambe and Wise Show, where their long running joke about Peter never getting paid for his first appearance back in 1969, always made us laugh. Anytime Peter turned up to try and get his money, Eric and Ernie, tried their best to get rid of him. In this rarer clip from Eric and Ernie's 1970 Christmas Show, Eric thinks has the perfect solution, with his Xmas party magic trick.... 'Ladies and Gentlemen... Sawing A Peter Cushing In Half! ENJOY!

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