Sunday, 20 August 2017


Sad... right now, news agencies around the world, are announcing the passing of a director, an actor, comedian, singer....where do I stop.. Jerry Lewis. I am sharing this news with you, because there is a connection with Lewis, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Both Peter and Christopher did guest star spots in the film, 'One More Time', starring Sammy Davis jr. 

ABOVE: Over the years, some of you may have seen this odd looking sign popping up on EBAY with a 'interesting' price tag attached to it? It is...the banner that #Jerrylewis had made up, to welcome both #PeterCushing and #ChristopherLee onto the set of the film, ONE MORE TIME, which #JerryLewis directed... in 1970.

JERRY LEWIS along with Sammy were big Hammer films fans and asked them to appear as Baron Frankenstein and Count Dracula..they did. Jerry Lewis treated Cushing and Lee as royalty during the short time they had with the film... but that's another story. A giant in the world of film, entertainment and charity. They will be talking about Lewis's story and his huge impact in all those fields, for a long time to come... RIP Jerry Lewis.

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